Silver Age Seattle

Bureaucratic Abduction

The Comet, Brainiac, and other reasons to stay home.

The team started a new day, the previous day’s exhaustion washed away by the first good night’s sleep in awhile. Crisis does not take days off however, and as soon as everyone was up, a new problem was making its way to the public eye. The city of Cape Town in South Africa experienced a mass exodus of its inhabitants in the wake of the comet flying across the sky overhead, every man, woman, and child lifted from their homes in a green glow that stretched to the sky. It became up to the team to decide how to take care of this new mission: Take it and travel half way across the globe to solve a mystery that could very will be linked to the group, or give it to Paragon and let them sort things out.

After a lot of back and forth SPECTRUM decides to take on the case themselves. In a jet provided by Agent Black, the group heads into South Africa with Dr Kismet to investigate the situation. They are received with fanfare in Johannesburg and are soon directed toward the problem at hand.

In Cape Town they find a deserted landscape with domesticated animals searching for their masters, unattended food and electronics, and all manner of debris. Those of the team with superhuman senses could tell that something was very wrong however, and it was soon apparent to those without them as well. The grid was too stable, the patterns too precise, powered down devices looked fabricated and incapable of proper function, and there was something above the city that only Starborn could perceive.

The true problem was realized when Kismet brought an interesting find to the groups attention.

Every computer generated text throughout the city had been translated into Kryptonian.

Just as soon as the team puzzled together what was going on, everything changed. Life returned to the city, people walked about everywhere, and Kryptonian became nothing more than a momentary glitch in the system. Unfortunately, life had not really returned to Cape Town in that moment. Instead, SPECTRUM found themselves transported inside the trap they had just realized was around them.

With the city at siege, the citizens ignorant of their plight, and the officials trying to keep everyone calm, our superheroes must do everything within their power to release Cape Town from the alien display they have been cast into.



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