Silver Age Seattle

A Day at the Ballpark

A New Hero (or five) will Arise

While Dreadnought convalesces in Natalia’s care at the Armistice Arms, he turns the game on TV to pass the time. It’s Robins at Oceanics, and with two out in the bottom of the sixth, there’s an unexpected substitution in centerfield, as Baseball Cthulu subs in for the Robin’s CF, crushing him under its great bulk. It immediately goes on a rampage, lashing out with dozens of wickedly-barbed tentacles and damaging the structure of SafeEnoughCo Field. Since SoDo is right next to the stadium, the team immediately suits up and heads over to stop the carnage.

By the time they arrive, four baby cthulhus have been summoned. Soul Shadow immediately swallows up some, while Milo Farley and Millie make short work of the other two. Dreadnought, meanwhile, dives right in to combat the big bad all on his lonesome, standing astride a bottomless maw and doing what he does best – punching it.

With Soul Shadow’s advice, Milo is able to unlock the secret of the Gate Key of Seattle and finally begin attuning himself. He closes the gate as MasterMind ushers out the last of the innocent stadiumgoers, but unfortunately bisects Dreadnought in the process. Hippolita is able to restore him, and they immediately rush Dreadnought to a secure medical facility at the Masterworks where he recovers quickly.

But the damage has been done, and the team – formerly operating secretly – has been caught on tape, being heroic. The Chief of Police is livid, until the team suggests Special Liason Arland Standley be promoted to full-time liason to the group.

Now that the cat’s out of the bag, how will things go for our publicly-outed heroes?



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