Silver Age Seattle

Enter Eric Sin

The "taco truck" incident.

The Washington State Patrol says a fatal, fiery crash on Interstate 405 south of Lynwood near the I5 exit was caused by a northbound van that crossed the median and collided with two southbound vehicles.

Trooper Guy Gall says both southbound vehicles caught fire this evening, as well as the van due to a dangerous fuel leak. One woman in the van was able to walk away before it burned and attempted to flee in another damaged vehicle, but was stopped due to an unknown parahuman who witnesses say tore the door off of the car and physically removed her, then ran down the i5 exit after asking the carjacked victim where the nearest hospital was. The victim directed him south toward a local clinic.

Gall says the van driver did not appear to be impaired, however the van appeared to have been opened like an over stuffed burrito and how this occurred or why he crossed the median remains under investigation.

The mid-evening crash near Everett is currently backing up southbound I-405 traffic and is expecting to continue most of the evening and northbound traffic slowed as well.



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