Silver Age Seattle

Fear Factory Finale

Unstoppable Forces, Immovable Objects

As the confrontation with The Pirelli Brothers, underbosses of the Crime Alley arm of the 100 Gangsters, Italian La Cosa Nostra drew to a close, the Jet City Defenders found themselves in a pitched battle with mobsters who had access to black market weapons from the Ka’Hadan empire!

Added to that threat were the powerful parahuman mercenary team Fear Factory, bent on getting revenge for their routing at the battle at The Armistace Arms earlier.

After a brutal fight that left a couple of crime alley buildings in need of serious repairs and some on the team in need of medical attention, the Defenders emerged victorious.

Calling on support from Mercy Force to transport the villains to the The Paragon Project’s parahuman prison, The Gulag proved useful, as they were able to take custody of the illegal alien weapons and the parahuman threat, however as Special Liason Arland Standley commented at the scene of the crime, many questions remain. Where did the Italian mob get ahold of Ka’Hadan weaponry, and just how far up in La Familgia will the events of that night travel?



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