Silver Age Seattle

Let the Good Times Roll

They're all cheering - but is it for the Defenders?

Still riding high from their defeat of Baseball Cthulu, the Jet City Defenders opportunistically take advantage of a planned bipartisan voter turnout parade by joining Mark Franklyn on his float, making a grand entrance and generally exciting the crowd. It isn’t long, though, before princess waves and insults delivered in stage-whisper behind clenched smiles grow wearisome, and Milo Farley goes into business for himself, flying over to a media tent and having a typically-faux-pas Gatekeeper-style interview with Cathy King

Meanwhile, Dreadnaught and Mastermind keep their heads down, deep in telepathically linked thought with Hippolyta, who has requested time at the podium to quell the furies of her quickly-coalescing cult, the Daughters of the Amazon After an impassioned plea for peace, the quintet of burgeoning superstars take the Masterbego to their new home base, [[King Street Station | King Street Station]], where they are met by associates of Frankie Dahlia who work for the Mercy Force out east. Ghost Squadron offer to help out the team with a gift of telemimetic poly-alloy skinweave Monolith Gelsuits, but only Soul Shadow and Dreadnaught accept, with Mastermind taking a ‘serving’ but not applying it immediately. Hippolyta and Milo have doubts as to how this technological marvel will interact with their own gifts.

With the visitors gone, the team retires to their respective rooms to plan how to make the King Street Station their own.



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