Silver Age Seattle

Rise and Fall of Heroes

Our heroes have been through much in the last few weeks.

Asa’s mother was kidnapped by Black Water mercenaries in a bid to take the strange ring that seems to be the source of many of Sam’s magical powers. During the conflict, Black Water mercenaries set a bomb off in an area full of civilians. Many died but it would have been much worse if not for the timely intervention of The Guardian, Asa’s angelic form. The Guardian was able to save dozens of lives and caused quite a stir by his public display of healing powers.

Our heroes made a new ally in the legendary hero The Red Ronin. The Red Ronin is a legacy hero and the mantle now falls on the shoulders the former Red Ronin’s son. Will he be able to continue in his father’s footsteps with all the honor and fury of his predecessor?

Quicksilver further developed his amazing suit technology and even designed a basic suit for Domino. Quicksilver also continued his relationship with the enigmatic White Hat and developed a new fallback just in case the worst should happen.

The group discovered that many of their new troubles revolved around a power struggle within the Dragon Syndicate of Seattle. The group managed to stop an assassination attempt on Hwang Jiang, the honorable and righful heir of the former Ha-Sing of the syndicate. A quest began to locate the Sword of Bravery and deliver it to Hwang, but every lead proved to be a distraction created by Hwang’s infamous brother and contender for the title of Ha-Sing, Wu.

During the investigation into the Dragon Syndicate there was a bombing attempt by the Four Brothers. Though the group was able to disarm the bomb due to the efforts of Starborn, Sam, and Quicksilver the bomb squad of the SPD had to be informed and through them, federal agencies. The group encounters the para-human team known as The Order. The group now found themselves on the radar of federal authorities.

The mystery of Sam’s powers was explored when the group visited Thornewood Castle and discovered a secret cave beneath it. The cave was impossibly deep and defied conventional thought with it’s layout and statues taller than the statue of liberty. The cave eventually led to the realm of dreams where the party met an avatar? dream? memory? of Merlin the legendary wizard. Every question asked simply led to yet more questions and left the castle with little to go on. While there a strange otherworldy force was felt by Domino, similar to the presence of Asa but with a darker tone.

Still confused about his powers and the conspiracy he found himself wrapped up in Sam decided to take a trip to San Francisco to learn more about his powers from the famed Mr. Mystic.

The young heroes discover that the power struggles in the International District are being capitalized on by remnants of the parahuman gang known as Fear Factory. With some detective work the group tracked Fear Factory back to an abandoned house. A conflict with the para-human gang ensued. The heroes faired well in the fight until the Hemogoblin possessed the body of the hemophobic Quicksilver by flowing into his veins. In an attempt to free Quicksilver from Hemogoblin’s influence Domino made a terrible mistake and attacked Hemogoblin’s mind and rendered him unconscious. As Hemogoblin passed out his body began to solidify while still within the body of Quicksilver. With nowhere to go within the armor the bodies of both hero and villain were utterly destroyed.

Luckily the failsafe that Quicksilver had developed kicked in and his mind was downloaded into a back up drive in his suit and he became electronic intelligence able to travel from machine to machine.

Domino still could not come to terms with the accidental slaying of both Quicksilver and Hemogoblin and attempted to turn himself in to the police to be put in the Paragon gulag where he felt the world could be safe from his repeated irresponsible uses of his powers. This attempt was temporarily thwarted by Agent Zero of The Order, and Domino was manipulated into sticking with the team for one final mission to end the troubles in the International District.

A final showdown with the agents of Wu Jiang began at the festival in the International District. Our heroes handily subdued Wu’s minion with the aid of local monks and Hwang’s agents and finally bring the power struggle to an end. Other information gathered by the party paid off as a simaltaneous robbery attempt at a local bank was foiled by local police and agents of Black Water that would have intervened in an unknown way were taken down by The Order.

With the power struggles in the International District finally resolved, our heroes take a deep sigh of relief and hope for some well earned rest.



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