Silver Age Seattle

So I have a father...

Coming to terms with a few issues I have recently been presented with as of late.

So we saved the world from total destruction, reopened the gates to hell, and now Drake, Guardian, and Guardian’s brother are the rulers of hell now. I think I will miss Guardian the most, i mean I will miss Drake too, but Guardian had a way of bringing up interesting points that changed my view on things for the better. Helped me understand this planet and its people, to always see that there’s always good in people and sometimes you have to look for it, but other times you need to know that you can not save everyone. There is a balance to the world, and it has to be carefully maintained.

On another note upon returning to Seattle and S.P.E.C.T.R.U.M headquarters, I was ambushed with the news that Ben (A.K.A Starborn) Is my father. Due to a change in his timeline, hes my dad….I’m not sure how I feel about it. I am a hurricane of emotions right now. I am angry because I know my father, and it’s not him. I mean… It is now, but that’s not the point! My mother still remains the same, but I- ugh. I am happy because I actually get to see and get to hang out with my parents again. I get to know them. I get to share my life with them. I come to accept it, I’m actually going to enjoy this. I will have parents again….maybe it is not all bad..

Seattle has been busy while we have been away, I guess the openness (I guess that is a word for it) of crime has gone down. Its still happening that’s for sure but its gone more underground now. Which worries me, makes me feel that it is more sinister, more underhanded. We have learned that there are threats occurring between two mafias. Several attacks on Seattle’s economy are being attempted. There is a huge heist occurring in the SPD that would eventually effect S.P.E.C.T.R.U.M if an investigation is done. Also, a major chemical spill in the harbor which if ignited could cause a toxic cloud to be released. I’m not sure if they are related or not. I do believe it is an attempt by either a group or a single person to keep us to busy to figure out and stop their real actions. Who knows, I guess we will find out.

We have a new person at S.P.E.C.T.R.U.M, Danny. A monk who until recently I guess was somewhere called Shangri La, I’ll have to visit there some time, it sounds nice. I wonder if Aliera has ever been there. I also met someone named Superman, whom Kismet seemed like in love with. She couldn’t stop giggling, it was weird to see someone who is always so serious acting like a small child. Also met some one named Kyle, he seems to not leave his lab very much, also from what hes been saying it seems that he has connections to the SPD. He Is also very insistent on doing things ‘by the book’. Going to be a bit of a change from Drake’s encouragement to ‘just do it, how ever it needs to get done’.

Well I have to go, I’m off to handle the spill in the harbor with my father, because plant control + algae = no more chemicals.

Signing off,



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