Silver Age Seattle

The Escape from Capetown

Biomechanoid Terrorism

After the events of the prison, the group gets back together and plans an attack on the central hub of Brainiac’s miniature creation. With Dominion Door tagging along, the party descends into the depths of the prison and deeper still into the tunnels that run under the artifice as a supply line and access route for Brainiac’s minions. In the darkness of the underground hundreds of Brainiac bots stand motionless, waiting for orders or for alarm. Thankfully, the team is able to make it past the stationary sentinels and find the main control hub.

At the control hub the group encounters bionic engineers in charge of keeping the diagnostics of the miniature town in order. Quicksilver subverts the system, cutting off the engineers from communication, while Guardian makes an attempt to save the human side of one of the cyborgs. Red Ronin, and Starborn are ready when the healing goes wrong and unleashes a protohuman monster of Brainiac’s creation. The beast is taken out in short order along with its two other unconscious companions.

Meanwhile, Dominion Door and Quicksilver are in a battle of wills. Eventually Dominion Door presents a case that is convincing enough to grant him the ability to assist the computer genius in his work. After some masterful computing and a lot of psychic interference, S.P.E.C.T.R.U.M. is able to make it out ot Brainiac’s trap, escape his ship, and make it back to Earth.



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