Silver Age Seattle

The not so merry Christmas

Last session found the party, accompanied by Nikola Tesla, H.G. Wells, Jules Verne and his grandson who will become a famous Gatekeeper, in a graveyard. They had chased a mysterious man from the house of Charles Dickens on the night of his Christmas party in 1860. This man was caught by Echo trying to poison the wine the famous author was drinking. Thorn, dressed as the ghost of Christmas present due to her power backfiring and now looking like a pine tree, detected the poison, switched the cups, and tossed the bad wine out.

After seeing Echo run out the door, the party quickly decided that it had been a bad idea to attend the party and exited. At the graveyard, Steve, who had been causing both the Ratcheteer and A.I.D. much consternation by eating and drinking when he was expressly told not to, started to disappear. One or two jokes were made to the effect of Steve eating himself out of the future. Echo managed to communicate with the newly christened Invisible Steve and it was determined that he was still around, just not visible or touchable.

Seeing what was happening, it was suggested by multiple members to return to Tesla’s time machine as soon as possible so that the Disciples could get back to their own time. On the way and into the house, discussions on what the possible ramifications of actions taken in the past effecting the future caused much distress through the party. The ignorance of time travel and the power to do much damage to a future already doomed caused a great row. It ended up being that everyone pretty much agreed to the letter what they should do and not do, but not everyone understood.

After people walked away and cooled off, the Ratcheteer and Nikola Tesla went into his work garage in order to charge the Disciples time machine. There they discovered El Machanico on the floor out cold with a bump on his head and the time machine missing. Thorn revived him with smelling salts while Kid Rawr, Echo, the Ratcheteer and the rest of the party went to track down Tesla’s time machine. A button, the smell of cherry flavored pipe tobacco, track marks in the snow and the emotional resonance felt by Echo led the party to deduce that Jules Verne’s nephew had stolen the time machine and loaded it on a train to use for his own nefarious purposes.

A.I.D. translated the motto off of the button that was left behind as belonging to a secret religious organization with roots in the middle ages. Immediately, everyone set chase to the train by flight and by horse drawn carriage. What followed was a harrowing fight on the train and a sudden stop at the still under construction Kings’ Cross station. Filing the station were at least a hundred men in black bowler hats carrying swords. Jules Verne was shot in the knee by his nephew who was perched on scaffolding. A.I.D. healed Jules Verne’s knee, saying that he would always walk with a limp. He copied Kid Rawr and in mid-leap transformed into the werewolf-like Kid Rawr form, then he grappled with the nephew on the scaffolding in the station.

Kid Rawr activated his gate key.

A gate opened onto the visage of woods and old stone ruins.

Three figures with long crooked black daggers emerged from the ruins and came toward the gate and what can only be described as a wave of sheer terror engulfed the station. Most of the men with bowler hats sped off. Much of the party was also terrified.

Echo closed the gate, killing instantly two figures while one retreated. A.I.D. intimidated Jules Verne’s nephew into submission. Meanwhile, Thorn, in a trance-like state walked to were the gate had been. In the stillness of the underground station the weeping of a boy could be heard. A.I.D. went to the Jules Verne’s grandson and told him everything would be ok. The boy held up his hand, upon which sat a ring with glowing words and a crown inscribed around the edges. He replied that no, everything was not ok. The boy then got up and walked toward where the gate had been. He was at once terrified and enraptured. He described feeling the gate, the world that lay beyond it.

He ran his hand with the ring over the gate and the gate opened. The last figure in an instant stepped through and plunged the long crooked black knife into Thorn. She instantly collapsed unconscious, turned completely white and black started moving through her veins underneath her skin. In the next moments A.I.D., Kid Rawr, Echo and Magnetron all moved to attack the figure and protect Thorn. Magnetron dropped a full metal box car on top of the creature and it was supposedly done away with. A.I.D. went over to Thorn, assessed her injuries, and pronounced her beyond his healing abilities. She needed Elvish magic to save her. Hearing this, Kid Rawr, instantly swooped down and plucked Thorn up and leaped into the gate, leaving everyone else on the other side.



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