Silver Age Seattle

The S.A.M. Setup

Game Date: Sunday, January 3rd 2015

Having successfuly made their debut with the defeat of Jester Pockets and his gang, our fledgling heroes; Starborn, Keruvim, Domino, Quicksilver, and Sam; each go their seperate ways. With the efforts of Starborn and Domino the heroes regather at the diner “Beth’s”, Sam’s place of employment. Starborn has a lead that the Seattle Art Museum’s visiting artifact known as The DaVinci Codex may be at risk. While it takes time to convince Sam to participate, it is agreed that the group should meet at the Seattle Art Museum.

The group is greeted with incredulity by the museum personnel. Considering they look like a bunch of high school kids, no one can really blame them. They are given a brief tour and explanation of the security systems. Quicksilver shows particular interest in one of the statues of Celtic kings across from the DaVinci codex. This is not Quicksilver’s first encounter with this statue. Shortly after the museum closes down, the pieces begin to fall into place.

A fairly regular mechanical failure on one of the cargo doors is discovered. Sam decides to go assist with the broken door. The damaged door leads to the guards on the other side of the museum leaving their posts to help repair the broken door. Domino’s mind reaches out and discoveres two intruders. All but one guard begin making their way toward the intruders. Quicksilver leaps into action, swift and easily subduing two intruders of Chinese descent. This is not Quicksilver’s first encounter with these men.

Meanwhile back at the cargo doors, an engine roars to life and a van crashes through the partially opened door. The one unfortunate security guard left their is crushed against the door as the van breaks through. The guard is severely injured, but is luckily alive. Sam does the sensible thing and attempts to call the police. Several armed men rush out of the van and take him captive, taking and destroying his phone. Two of the men tie him to a handcart and strangely begin wheeling him toward the DaVinci Codex’s display room while the rest run ahead.

Domino alerts the rest of the team to the new intruders and connects with their minds to learn their plans. Starborn rises from his normally crippled form. Keruvim raises a forcefield to protect himself, Domino, and the book. Much to everyone’s surprise, the forcefield slices through the intervening display cases. While the collective facepalm from our heroes is heard for miles, the Davinci Codex and its pages luckily remain unharmed.

Starborn detects a strange magnetic signature around the head of the Celtic king statue across the room the DaVinci Codex and prepares to intercept the incoming gangsters. Quicksilver tries to rush to the aid of Sam only to faceplant into the invisible forcefield erected by Keruvim. A now unconscious Quicksilver crumples to the ground. Truly a shot for the blooper reels. Domino whinces is sympathetic pain and delves into the depths of the criminals’ minds. Learning two very important things. One, they are here for the statue and the book. Two, they are also here for Sam. They were set up. But by who?

Domino erects an illusionary maze to stall the gangsters from reaching the exhibit room, causing them to run into the security guards rushing back to the cargo area. A firefight ensues. In the surprise of encountering each other, neither group harms the other. Domino provides Starborn directions to the fight and he joins the fray. Keruvim momentarily lowers his forcefield and collects the injured Quicksilver. The two men wheeling Sam forward come into range of the gunfight just in time to watch the rear gangster produce a hand grenade and fumble his attempt to throw it, causing it to bounce back toward them. The men abandon Sam to his fate to avoid the blast. Luckily, Sam was able to use his strange new powers to shield himself with rock and also free himself in the process by rolling over one of his would-be kidnappers. The rest of the criminals were easily subdued or scared off with effective illusions. The team decided to cut the head off of the strange statue in the confusion, believing it was a counterfeit. But they did not have time to examine the removed head in depth for the cause of the strange magnetic field.

The exhibit was saved, mostly. While the director the museum was upset over the damage, it was cosmetic aside from the counterfeit statue. A job well done and another layer of conspiracy revealed, our heroes retire for the night.



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