Silver Age Seattle

Undertown 2: Alchem-o-lectric Boogaloo

The Problem With Mr. Butler and other Tales Beneath the Earth

Soul Shadow – Nathan Geo returns from an exploration of the Undercity of Seattle to report that they have found a splinter group of scholars who protect the remaining knowledge of the Library of Alexandria. Milo Farley, meanwhile, has been studying Raul’s unfortunate scarification after his abduction and subsequent rescue from The Young Blackstones and recognizes the ancient symbols as beyond his own knowledge – but he knows enough to know it isn’t good. Raul is a ticking time-bomb, slowly losing energy as it seeps out due to the uncompleted ritual.

Milo asks Soul Shadow to take him to the Undertown, along with Hippolyta to request assistance in rescuing Raul from his fate. Meanwhile, Mastermind works on dissecting and learning the secrets of the Urshothga that are stealing children in the city and using them to build an army of super-soldiers to wage war from the Shadowfell.

Once the three of them (Milo, Hippolyta and Soul Shadow) make it to the entrance, they are greeted not by scholars but warriors who are upset at Soul Shadow’s deception, but with a good amount of barter and conversation, can be persuaded to answer the question of how to save Raul. Their eldest scholar allows the trio into the inner sanctum of the library, where they behold an ancient spectacle – a giant orrery, apparently accurate and updated with every astral phenomenon imaginable. The endless scrolls of the Alexandrians, however, do not include the new levels of data available from a simple iPad with Wikipedia on it, and they trade their knowledge of the situation for it.

Raul is in trouble. The ritual cannot be reversed, but a new body can be constructed for Raul, and his essence transferred into it, giving him at least a chance.

While all this is going on, Dreadnought does a surprising amount of field work, tracking down the patterns of the Urshothga’s habits and narrowing the SPD’s search to just three houses, all connected by a single underground retired subway station. He alerts Detective Special Liason Arland Standley to the most likely result, and then proceeds to butt heads with SPD, who wants to evacuate the families, which would cause the attack to be called off. Reluctantly, Standley simply posts police escorts in the house, but allows the families to be used as bait. Dreadnought spends the rest of the day reinforcing his position, waiting for nightfall…



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