Extra-Dimensional - Baseball Cthulu

An extra-dimensional undersea horror from the plane of water


When the Seattle Gate was discovered, several extra-dimensional creatures slipped the bonds of their universes and entered Silver Age Seattle, not the least of which was the tentacled horror dubbed Baseball Cthulu.

The creature slipped the bonds of its undersea world and coiled relentlessly into Not-So-SafeCo Field, interrupting an Oceanics baseball game which was locally broadcast on KJET TV and eventually picked up by the major national news network, WNN.

Having defeated its spawn and forcing it back into the dimensional rift using the Gate Key of Seattle(well enough to see it cut in half when the portal was slammed shut by Milo Farley), the Jet City Defenders took several samples of the creature and investigated it, finding out that it was essentially a group of bacterial organizations that had collected together to create individual organs of a larger being.

More details are listed regarding this encounter in the Adventure Log: A Day At The Ballpark

Extra-Dimensional - Baseball Cthulu

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