Alexandrian - Agostus Eden, Master Librarian

The Master Libriarian of the Seattle Undertown Alexandrian temple


A member of the Eden family of Alexandrians, The Lorekeepers, Agostus is the current Master Librarian of the Seattle Alexandrian temple. This title is the greatest within a given temple and his word seems to be universally obeyed within Alexandrian society. Though the title grants him monarch-like power, the position is more like a sage advisor to his people, acting only with the vast knowledge he commands as his guide.

The Master Librarian recently accepted several Uplanders into the halls of the temple briefly, the Jet City Defenders, though much to the disdain of Crosis Valhalla, Alexandrian Scribe. He has agreed to help the JCD, to spite the (somewhat valid) concerns of the Scribe that the JCD will further expose the Alexandrians’ hidden temples to outside forces that will inevitably seek to destroy or possess the knowledge they have collected over the centuries. Regardless of these fears, The Master Librarian has agreed to assist with the reconstitution of the Alchemichally tainted sidekick of Mastermind, Seneshal – Raul Butler.

Alexandrian - Agostus Eden, Master Librarian

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