A machine of starstuff with a heart of gold.


Aid is a lithe humanoid figure made of solid but strangely malleable looking metal. His facial features are boyishly handsome and he is usually sporting a cheerful smile.


Name: Aid

Aid believed himself to be created by the enigmatic Dr. Adams. He has since found out that this is not the case but still considers the walking mystery to be his father. Aid follows the Laws of Robotics as written by author Isaac Asimov, but tempers their harshness with what many have determined to be a true conscience and moral structure. Much more than man or machine; no one, including Aid, are sure where one stops and the other begins. Aid has matured much in his adventures with the JCD but remains optimistic about humanity and has an unwavering affection for the race as a whole. He is currently a founding member of the group known as Bastion, and has merged with the ship known as Monolith to provide the team with a home and to safeguard the ship from falling into the wrong hands.


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