Alexandrians, The - Lorekeepers

Collectors of knowledge who have hidden from society since the burning of the Great Library of Alexandria


The Alexandrian Lorekeepers live beneath cities, in locations that have a sufficient underground sub-structure to house their great libraries in secret. Seattle’s underground is one such city, particularly near a large inhabited slum city called Undertown.

The structure of the Alexandrian Temple in Undertown is one of broad sandstone steps leading from an underground storm drain aquifer to egyptian/roman style statuary and columned and incensed halls. Antechambers and study areas branch off from the main hall, and every wall is lined with cubbies containing ancient books and scrolls.

Societal structure of the Alexandrians consists of a learned class called Scribes, and a warrior cast called Wardens. The head of an Alixandrian temple is called the Master Librarian. In Seattle, this post is held by Agostus Eden, Alexandrian Master Librarian. Special garb is worn by the scribes when continuing the continuous work of retranscribing the extensive scrolls, hooded cowls and veils. In Undertown, one such scribe is called Crosis Valhalla, Alexandrian Scribe. The Scribe classes are broken up into families whose surnames correspond to the names of paradise, such as Eden, Valhalla, Nirvana, etc. Scribes born into one family may choose to embrace another at a later time if they wish, though such transitions are not taken easily or lightly. It is accepted at the age of manhood that should a Scribe or Warden-born wish, they may choose one or the other. A second transition of this kind is almost unheard of unless the age of the person is quite advanced, however.

Warden groups are broken into Cohorts, groups of no more or less than ten elite warriors. Those outside a cohort are relegated to support roles among the ‘military’. There is no special garb worn by the wardens except in special ceremonies, where they often wear a red sash. Wardens often act as freelance ‘police’ for Undertown society as well as protecting the Alexandrian temples from outside threats. Wardens families are broken up into families whose surnames represent the names of conqering peoples, usually barbarians, such as Gaul, Hun, Visigoth, Vandal etc.

The Alexandrians have much lost knowledge, including knowledge of a perpetual motion engine called Heron’s Engine of Alexandria, a kind of ever-burning coal used to keep torches and lanters perpetually alight, and a fantastical orrery that shows the positions of stars and worlds far beyond their own. They have knowledge of societal patterns as well, and believe that the newest incarnation of empire, the United States, will fall to an invasion soon, as is the pattern of the world. It is their contention currently that such a threat is posed by the Urshothga.

Alexandrians, The - Lorekeepers

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