Arturius - Lankey, Arthur

A scientist convinced he is the re-incarnation of King Arthur


Arthur Lankey was a model employee of NanoExo, a manufacturer of Metamaterials. After the death of his son, he cracked, believing himself to be the reincarnation of King Arthur from the stories his dead son was obsessed with. He stole documents and blueprints from NanoExo and a highly expensive metamaterial antenna with the power to collect and redirect ambient power. Dubbing the antenna ‘Excalibur’ Arthur became Arturius, the once and future king, or, so he believed, taking to the city streets to find the legendary knights of the round table and remake Camelot, by force if neccessary. NanoExo would have paid great sums to get Arthur, and their antenna back.

By redirecting the collected energy in ‘Excalibur’, Arthur can create a kinetic sheild, shoot sonic blasts, pick up and throw large objects, and even fly, making him very difficult to catch. Once removed from his ‘sword’ however, Arthur becomes a normal, if a bit crazed, human being.

Arturius - Lankey, Arthur

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