Petrosian, Natalia - Binary

Dreadnaught's sidekick.


Daughter of Victor Petrosia, a resident of Armastice Arms, Natalie Petrosian has the unique ability to split into two exact copies of herself, mentally scan some computers at a distance and summon forth a demon that looks an awful lot like Tim Curry in Legend.

Just sayin’.

She is the devoted, if a little pushy sidekick and girlfriend(s) of Dreadnought, and is of mixed feelings about her father The Seattle Butcher turning out to be the Seattle butcher.

  • The Gate Crisis c. 2011 – 2012

Since Dreadnaought’s death, Binary became a pillar of justice and stability at the heart of Seattle in the JCD. Moving past her roots as a sidekick, she dedicated herself to the defense of the city which she would one day give her life to. When the Junior team returned from their trip through time and dimensional space she was there to help them with the final solution against the alien forces threatening to overrun Earth and its gate systems. Although not as tough as some of her new teammates, she was more than capable of facing the conflict head on and was intent on doing so.

  • Aftermath

The JCD reformed after the destruction of the Chaldathan hivemind and their Empress, Fid’aizo Chuun, and Binary elevated to a full fledged member of the team and was an important strategical leader for local threats. Slipstream and Binary were the last of the old guard, and together they united those members of the Juniors that were capable and a few other rag tag superheroes into a cohesive unit. Even though the conflicts that the group were facing often took them beyond the Crossroads, Binary stayed an invaluable wealth of knowledge and experience.

  • To Hell and Back

Although she played a backseat roll in this adventure through the nine levels of Hell, her knowledge was more than relevant to the situation. Next to Drake, none but her knew the dangers that were waiting ahead of them as they desceneded level after level searching for King Rawr’s young chocobo chick, Rodger.

  • Japanese Tsunami & Fukishima Reactor Crisis

-no entry

  • Civil War

When the call for parahumans to be registered came down through the governments of the world, Binary was one on the side of the law. Even when badgered by the rest of the JCD, she stayed true to her beliefs in the justice of government. In the light of the events that occurred during the Fukishima Reactor Crisis, it is no wonder that many humans and parahumans alike were in need of the security given by knowledge. With so many new parahumans coming out of the word work every day, the prospect of “evolution” overshadowing humanity as we know it was a scary thing. Ultimately, in front of a broadcast audience, her dedication to the cause was not enough to keep her from a mob attack that presumable ended her life.

  • Guardian Cycle II

Natalia Petrosian was no more, she was a forgotten memory in the mind of Renee Montoya, a SPD detective that worked missing persons. For five years she had labored to do the thing that she did best, keep order and justice in the city that she loved. Even without the parahuman abilities she once had, or the memories of a life she could no longer lead, she was a beacon of light in a darkening landscape. It was not until a trap sprung by Jester Pockets and the torture that followed that she encountered the parahuman once again.

In a final plea to the light, Renee asked for help. Her answer was received in the form of Guardian’s cohabitation, and through the efforts of Sam and Guardian’s power, she was able to make a daring escape. It did not take long for Spectrum to take Pockets into custody, but it took longer for the group to accept the new form that Guardian had come to them as. Meanwhile, Renee and Guardian were getting to know each other and slowly working through the chaos that broken lives had left around them.

Eventually, through the help of Onima, a Mercy Force psychic, Renee’s true identity was revealed. Having been slain on Earth, the guardian’s of Valhalla summoned the human part of her at the last possible moment out of the dimensional aether and granted her a new opportunity. Through Asgardian technology and magic, Natalia’s appearance was modified and her memories blocked for the safety of both herself and those close to her. The reasons behind their choice was occluded, but it was clear that something was left unfinished that needed to come to pass.

Through time, effort, and providence, many things originally hidden were brought to light. It was learned that Binary was in direct conflict the a being known as the Oburst (sp? page needed). It was this psychic being’s followers that rallied the mob against her during the Civil War and they were as of yet unaware of her status among the living. It was also learned that Max, Natalia’s brother, The Dreamer, was alive and well in the custody of the CIA. Efforts were in the works to safeguard Max from government control, but the process was a daunting one, and there was only limited chance of success.

While in the line of duty, protecting Seattle from an occult threat of Morgana’s doing, the life that was Renee Montoya, Natalia Petrosian, and Binary came to a staggering end. In the midst of heated combat, she and Guardian made the killing blow on a powerful adversary. The enemies left behind retreated in fear from the angelic form that stood triumphant before them, but they did not give up the fight entirely. The remaining enemy forces merged into a single ferocious beast and in one quick and predatory strike did away with the foe that threatened their existence. This however was not an unexpected turn of events for those that gave her the means to return to life on Earth, and there is now a living statue in the Hall of Heroes that stands as a monument to her courage, her valor, and the glorious end that she would have otherwise been denied those few years earlier.

Petrosian, Natalia - Binary

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