Blackjack - Ryder, Carl

Street Vigilante


Not all heroes are good at what they do. Blackjack is, but he’s not one for sticking around to get the acclaim after the fact. He’s also not big on minimizing property damage.

Take last year’s multi-million dollar Jet City Armored car heist for example. Blackjack stopped the armored car robbery alright. He put two of the robbers in intensive care, and gave the other two permenant psychological problems.

Oh and the armored car didn’t quite make it. Neither did the money, which was mostly destroyed and scattered when Blacjack called the bluff of one of the robbers holding a grenade by flicking a card at it, dislodging the pin and causing the thug to drop it in the back of the armored car and run.

The manager of 1st Northwest Bank could only look on in horror as Blackjack snagged a burning bill from the air and lit his cigar with it, before stuffing the still smouldering bill in the manager’s pocket, putting it out with a pat, and muttering:

“Don’t worry. It’s insured. Those guys though? Somehow I doubt a life of crime comes with an HMO.”

Blackjack carries two shock batons and is a crack shot with a spinning card. He knows the alleys and byways of Seattle by heart, but it’s not known if his abilities are Parahuman in nature, or just the act of a man without fear.

Blackjack - Ryder, Carl

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