Blackstones, The

A powerful family of mercenaries, assassins and super-criminals


The Blackstone family is a large clan, consisting of two ‘teams’, an ‘alpha’ team, simply known as The Blackstones, and a ‘beta’ team, known as Alchemy.

The core of the family contains the following members:

Gold Blackstone – The family Patriarch
Iron Blackstone – The field leader
Garnet Blackstone – The Assasin
Jade Blackstone – The Seductress
Diamond Blackstone – The Powerhouse
Onyx Blackstone – The Infiltrator
Topaz Blackstone – Living Fire
Opal Blackstone – Superspeed Comet
Flint Blackstone – Conventional Combat Expert
Copper Blackstone – Weather/Lightening Controller
Aquamarine Blackstone – In-training

More about Alchemy

Lead Blackstone ???

Blackstones, The

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