Caleb "Quantus" Whitestone

Time-Travelling Gunslinger


Name: Caleb Whitestone
Designation: Rhodium
Rank: Captain
Call Sign: Quantus
Music Theme: link

Appearance: Caleb possesses the build of an individual who undergoes daily physical training. He stands at 6' 2". His appearance is such that his ethnicity is not readily apparent though his skin is naturally tan and his hair is stark white. His eyes are <s>pale grey</s> violet pink.


C.H.R.O.N.O.S. Armament

Project Q.U.A.N.T.U.S.: Quantum Universal Augmentation and Native Technological Utility System

Once thought of as the holy grail of law enforcement, the QUANTUS system has enabled the galactic Terran Commonwealth to counter the only true threat to its continued existance: Time Travel.

Caleb "Quantus" Whitestone

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