Chester Holly

A bent cop selling illegal brass on the black market


SWAT Officer Chester Holly stole nearly 1 ton of brass from expended cartridges and at least 7 cases of ammunition from the 1st precinct over the last year and is planning to sell the stolen merchandise at local gun shop, Slade’s Guns where he intends to use the credit to supply the SWAT team and his own firearm obsession. An internal affairs agent, Guy Iguazo is staking him out. If this gets out the SPD will take a huge PR hit, and many officers may quit in the ensuing media storm, leaving the SPD understaffed and a major destabilizing criminal explosion likely.

Officer Holly was brought down by a new member of **S.P.E.C.T.R.U.M., a young man named Jasper Blackstone, apparently who had left behind his family ties to the infamous Blackstones family.


Chester Holly

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