A wandering cyborg on a mission of justice and reconciliation of the past.


Name: Chryo Cop
Group Affiliations: Unaligned
Occupation: Ice Cyborg
Territory: Oklahoma City, OK
Age: 20
Gender: M
Height: 5’ 8"
Weight: 250

Body: 7
Mind: 10
Soul: 10
Health Points: 85
Energy Points: 100
Shock Value: 17
Combat Value: 10
Defense Value: 7


Urban Tracking 1×3 = 3 (Well-Trained)
Physical Sciences 1×5 = 5 (Well-Trained)
Police Sciences 3×4 = 12 (Veteran)
Special Ranged Attack 1×10 = 10 (Well-Trained)
Attack Combat Mastery 1×3 = 3
Combat Technique 2×1 = 2 (1 combat techniques)

  • Lightning Reflexes

Special Attack 6×4 = 24 (60 damage attack)

  • Incapacitating
  • Body Check Required

Ism – Parahuman – Known Parahuman who won’t Register 2x-1 = -2 (Large Degree of Discrimination)
Marked – lowers temperature everywhere he goes – Frosted skin 3x-1 = -3 (Cannot be Concealed)
Environmental Influence – Blue/Black Fire 1×1+ 1 = 2

  • Duration 1×1 = 1 (1 round)
  • Cold

Wanted – Left his post 1x-1 = -1 (Minor Incentive to Hunt)
Creation – Ice 6×3+ 3 = 21 (500 kg)

  • Duration 3×1 = 3 (1 min)

Chryo Cop was an experiment gone right, for awhile. Once Oklahoma CIty’s top cop, Charley Crystal was killed in the line of duty when he was shot and fell into a vat of chryo fluid at a superconductor factory, saving the lead Scientist’s life from death at the hands of one of the notorious Blackstone parahuman mercenaries. Using yet untested chryoscience, Dr. Ted Whistler managed to revive the body of Charlie, but the damage from the gunshot wounds was too great. Replacing portions of the officer’s brain with technology that regulated his autonomic systems, the cyborg Cryo Cop was born. Oklahoma City PD quickly appropriated the ‘property’ of one of it’s finest, and CC was happy to oblige, though amnesia caused him not to recall his own history and death. Now, his memories restored, Chryo Cop seeks to dispense justice the way any cop would, with fairness and law. He wanders the country with these goals in mind, hoping to one day return to his hometown and reunite with his barely remembered family – if they will accept him as he is.


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