Conceptuals - Ravenousness

The spiritual essence of pure desire


Ravenousness is the third youngest of the Conceptuals and the twin of Conceptuals – Wretchedness. It is a strikingly beautiful figure whose gender is mutable, becoming male, female, both, or neither as the situation warrants. It is often referred to as “sibling” by its brethren, particularly Reverie. Ravenousness blends in effortlessly with whatever environment it finds itself in. It lives in the heart of a massive flesh-and-blood statue of itself, known as the Threshold. Indeed, further strengthening the connection to hearts, Ravenousness’s sigil in the galleries of the other Conceptuals is a heart of cut glass.

Ravenousness is described as being of medium height, smelling faintly of summer peaches. Ravenousness casts two shadows, one black and sharp, the other translucent and wavering. Desire’s smiles are brief and sharp. Its skin is “pale as smoke,” and its eyes are “tawny and sharp as yellow wine.”

Ravenousness is easily the cruelest of the Conceptuals. A more forgiving interpretation is that Ravenousness reflects, simply, desire, and is as fickle and self-centered as the emotion. As desire is easily the most inflaming of emotions, Ravenousness takes special delight in needling those who think they are beyond emotions altogether. It is, besides Repose (who, even then, must be goaded), the only one of the Conceptuals that will point out the faults of Conceptuals – Reverie.


Conceptuals - Ravenousness

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