Conceptuals - Reverie

The spiritual concept of dreams and dreaming


Reverie lives in a castle at the heart of his realm, “the Dreaming”. Both the castle and the rest of his realm are mutable and change often, often at Reverie’s will. Reverie maintains both the castle and the realm, as with all aspects of his appearance, in a half-accommodating, half-terrifying state, simultaneously acknowledging both the courtesy due to others and the attention due him as the realm’s master, and indeed the pleasantness and terror of dreams themselves.

Other than Reverie himself, the most important inhabitant of the Dreaming is Lucien, the Librarian of the Dreaming. Also present have been a griffin and a dragon that guard the entrance and the biblical Cain and Abel, who live outside of the castle walls.

It was Reverie who hosted the auction for the Key to Hell, once held by *S.P.E.C.T.R.U.M. – Guardian, and now shared by his ‘brother’ Penemuel and Drake, a rockstar demon hunter, who now rule over the dimension of hell in Lucifer’s stead.

Reverie had an artifact called The Mask of Repose which was once outside of his control, and was used by a Golden Age hero called The Deadly Nightshade, that was retrieved by **S.P.E.C.T.R.U.M. and returned to him.


Conceptuals - Reverie

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