Conceptuals - Ruination

Once a conceptual of war and destruction, now a mere spirit


He is the fourth eldest of the Conceptuals, and is a slight, pony-tailed, bearded man.

Ruin abandoned his realm and his responsibilities some time around the turn of the seventeenth century. The reason for this was the onset of the human Age of Reason, which would eventually culminate in the invention of the atomic bomb. Ruination was unwilling to be responsible for the destruction this would cause, and therefore left the family. He did not cease to exist as the active aspect of ruin, he simply stopped directing the affairs over which he has control. Ruination’s choice of path baffles and to some degree infuriates Reverie, while Ruin finds it hard to comprehend Reverie’s position and concentrates on trying to impart to him some wisdom on the necessity of change and self-knowledge. Conceptuals – Rapture just wants her brother back; she is reliant on her siblings for support, particularly her elder brothers. In the end, Ruination simply leaves, packing his sword into a bindle, stepping into the sky and vanishing.

Ruination is self-obsessed in the most positive sense of that term; after giving up his responsibilities he concentrates instead on attempting to learn about his own nature and exert control over it. This is manifested in his deliberate attempt to subvert his own essential nature and create instead of destroy.

The Sash of Ruination is an artifact which can cause warlike thoughts to enter the mind of the weak-willed. It was collected by **S.P.E.C.T.R.U.M., and offered back to him, but Ruination refused.


Conceptuals - Ruination

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