Blackstone, Copper

The Weather-Controlling Electro-Shocker of the Blackstone Family


Copper Blackstone is the youngest member of the team, and she still feels uncomfortable with her position in the team. She is unsure that she could ever kill anyone, even to protect herself or another person. She does her job, certainly, and she has yet to be placed in a situation where she might have to kill, but she secretly dreads that it might come up.

Thankfully, her body is well-defended from harm, as she has the ability to fly, manipulate the weather, and transform into a superstrong being of a metallic copper-like substance, coursing with electricity. She is able to expel this energy at targets, but she generally keeps such blasts to a non-lethal voltage.

Despite her lack of confidence in the field, she is friendly and outgoing, and is a highly skilled computer hacker. To spite her defeat as apart of Alchemy vs the JCD, she bears them no ill will, and considers them skilled opponents. It was her survival against them at Amazon Island that gained her entrance onto the Blackstone ‘alpha’ team after all.

Blackstone, Copper

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