JCD - Artificer - Holt, Daniel

I was history before there you had words or concepts to articulate such...


Body 15 / Mind 13 / Soul 12
ACV: 15
DCV: 16 (+2 Unarmed, Melee, and Special Ranged; +1 Ranged)
Health: 200
Energy: 125

- Famous: 3 (World Renown archeologist, historian, and occultist)
- Recurring Nightmares: 1 (One does not delve as deeply as Daniel and come away unharmed)
- Involuntary Change: 1 (Do you know the trigger?)
- Wanted: 1 (Fervored Zealous Individuals, see also Cultists)

Item of Power
- Ring of the Heavens: Detectable (Golden Glow, Hum, Roses & Sandalwood, Warmth), Marked (Divine)
– Armor 5 (Shield Only)
– Features 2 (Angelic and Wings)
– Flight 3
– Extra Action
– Extra Defense
– ?

Item of Power
- Band of the Old Gods: Detectable (Shadowy Coils, Haunting Whispers, Brine & Acrid, Clammy), Marked (Aberrant)
– Extra Action (melee only)
– Natural Weapons 2 (Claws and ?)
– Super Strength 4
– ?

ACV Mastery
DCV Mastery
Highly Skilled
Zen Direction

Special Attack
- Grip of Life

Architecture: 2 (Fortification, Ruins)
Artisan: 2 (Tailoring, Woodcraft)
Biological Science: 1 (Physiology)
Language: 5 (Egyptian, Norse, Latin, Babylonian, Snskrit, Chinese, Abberant, Enochian, Swedish)
Occult: 5 (Astrology, Rituals, Abberant, Divine, Magic)
Physical Science: 1 (Engineering)
Social Science: 3 (Archeology, Psychology, Theology)
Stealth: (Conceal, Silent Movement)

Unarmed Attack: 3 (Strike, Grapple, Disarm)
Unarmed Defense: 2 (Strike, Grapple)
Melee Defense: 2 (Swords, Blunts)
Ranged Defense: 1 (Personal)
Special Range Defense: 2

*(Entire sheet not present. It prevent spoliers and maintain suspense the sheet will be filled out as abilities are revealed).

Periodic Table of Heroic Elements
- Formula: TlSArFmSnWxHDzShUGe


Daniel Holt is a world renown archeologist, historian, and occultist. He has in the past few decades become a household name. Many families tune in to watch documentries based on his work and findings. Daniel has traveled to every corner of the globe and visited or delved in each sea. Desipte the coverage and fame associated with him; Daniel has no published works to his name, has never given and interview, and if not for his private clients providing papers of passage would never make it through a customs check-point. All the footage, articles, and assessment of his works and findings come from thrid persons merely trying to follow, capture, or infer to the best of their abilities. He has been buried alive; chased by pigmys, tribesmen, and fervored zealots (see also, cultists); and has the backing of some of the most private, pretigious, and unknown clients.

As of late information on Daniel Holt had seemed to vanish. He was last known to be dealing with a group of dark cultists and it is said that he was injured or killed in an altercation. Recently Daniel turned up in Seattle. With his return journalists scramble to plan for a trip to investigate him, while historians and occultists ferverishly poor through books and notes to get an idea of what he may be seeking or working on in Seattle.

Daniel has been known to work too deeply and uncover that which should remain buried. So with the dark and worried whispers going on today, what if he uncovers something best left beyond the reach of the Sun and the waking world?

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JCD - Artificer - Holt, Daniel

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