Municipal - Standley, Arland - Police Comissioner

Former Homicide Detective, Special Liason of Parahuman Affairs and now Police Commisioner for the SPD


Detective Arland ‘Arl’ Standley is a cop of 22 years. Detective Standley was assigned to the Homicide Division of the Seattle First Precinct, SPD. He recently ran afoul of the local mob when investigating the The Armistace Arms building in Crime Alley. Nathan Geo, Soul Shadow discovered him tied to a chair in the building’s boiler room, beaten within an inch of his life. He got Standley to the hospital, making a grateful contact along the way in Arl. Hopefully it’ll be enough to keep the SPD from cracking down on the unregistered Parahumans in their group.

After the Jet City Defenders very publicly saved the city from an extradimensional threat, they used their new public sway to convince the Police Chief to “promote” Standley to “Official Seattle Parahuman Affairs Liason,” taking him off the homicide beat and making him the sole point of legal contact between the SPD and the Jet City Defenders. This is advantageous to the Defenders, since there’s a level of trust with Standley they wouldn’t have with some other functionary, and it give Standley a bit of cachet as well (if not a pay grade increase).

After many years of service, Standley is now Commissioner, though his first day rewarded him with a bullet. Arland recovered from his injury and resumed his duties as police commissioner. It has recently come to light that Arland is a divorcee and a father of two. Both of his children attend Garfield High School. They are Kyle Standley & Jessie Standley.

Arland has been placed in a coma after the enemies of his adopted son, Kyle, kidnapped Arland as well as his daughter, Jessie, and Kimberley King. Though Kyle was able to thwart the kidnapping Arland was shot and paralyzed by a meta-materials grade firearm that ceased the electrical impulses allowing him to control motor functions.

Municipal - Standley, Arland - Police Comissioner

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