Blackstone, Diamond

Powerhouse of the Blackstone family


Invulnerable, unstoppable. These words are commonly applied to the Parahuman known as Diamond Blackstone. The greatest heroes in the world have gone up against Diamond and come home broken. The most elite of them barely able to move the glacial ediface that is Diamond’s impenetrable skin. Most just get out of her way.

Diamond Blackstone is one of the “loose cannons” within the clan. She lives for power over others. Abusive, violent, and egotistical, she works with the family only because of the money — and thus, power — that they provide for her. On the other hand, the family tolerates her behavior because her power makes her one of the most physically impressive beings on Earth, and she can be controlled by her cash-flow and by Garnet’s powers.

Her abilities allow her to transform into a crystalline-like structure with virtual imperviousness to physical harm, and strength that can only be exceeded by one other being on Earth — the superhero Lazlo. Diamond has a particular loathing of the dinosaur-like Lazlo, and, when the teams’ assignments bring them in conflict with Lazlo’s team, she inevitably makes a beeline for the hero. Her strength can cause earthquakes or shatter buildings, and she has loves using her power to inspire fear in others. After all, if someone fears her… she has power over them.

Blackstone, Diamond

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