Amazon, Daughters of the

A cult of parahuman worshipers dedicated to the rise of the 'new gods'


When Millie first hovered over the Oceanic’s baseball game clutching Dreadnought’s timid sidekick Binary in her arms, she may not have understood the impact of that action. An underground sect of women posessed with the beauty and power that that iconographic image represented quickly formed around her – whether she wanted it to or not.

With the addition of the Urshothga Warmaidens they have grown in number and in focus. Becomeing more spiritual, and dedicating themselves to the worship of the ancient Greek gods in the name of bringing Hipollyta closer to acceptance with Olympus, they had grown in size to 150 fighting women.


Militant tendencies seem at the forefront of this group’s credo, and it is yet to be seen if the cautions given by its unsuspecting figurehead are going to take or not, and what form, ultimately, the DoA will take.

Amazon, Daughters of the

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