Paragon - Dominic Clay (Domino)

A particularly potent yet inexperienced telepath.


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Birth Name: Dominic Clay
Handle: Domino
Birthplace: Chicago, Illinois
Birthdate: June 13, 1997

Powers: Potentially one of the most potent telepaths ever born, Dominic is able to reach into peoples minds and the Astral Plane with little to no effort. He has been observed implanting illusory images in the minds of his opponents. He has also learned to mask his presence from the minds of others, essentially causing them to willfully ignore his presence.

Dominic grew up in the poorer neighborhoods of Chicago. His powers began to manifest very early in his life, his parents were superstitious and devout roman catholics. They originally thought the strange events surrounding their son to be either ghostly visitations or even demonic influences. Dominic learned very quickly by observing the “help” that his parents sought through mediums and ultimately even exorcism that his abilities were for some reason very terrifying to others, and began to hide them. Since then Dominic became increasingly introspective and afraid of his own abilities, and like any child that was quiet and different from other children, he was picked on.

Most of Dominic’s young life he was targeted by a bully named Maurice. Maurice was a violent youngster and involved with the local gang scene. As Maurice and Dominic grew older the bullying became worse with every passing year. After an incident in their junior year resuling in Dominic in a hospital, he determined that he had had enough. Dominic, began to plan. He began using his powers and learning the limits of what he could do. He learned he could simply mask his presence from Maurice and his friends, saving him from their torments. He could also conjure illusions of nearby school officials or police officers if hiding was impractical. But this was not enough. Dominic wanted to hurt Maurice back. Dominic reached into Maurice’s mind and learned everything he could about him, how he could hurt him back. What Dominic learned surprised him a great deal. Maurice, was gay. Maurice was violent because he was afraid. Afraid of what people would think if they found out. Dominic learned Maurice was attracted to a boy in a rival gang named Jesse and set something into motion that he could not stop.

An illusionary Maurice came out to a very real Jesse and was of course rebuffed. But now Jesse knew. Domino one. Just as planned.

An illusionary Jesse confronted a very real Maurice, calling him out on his sexuality and using every creative slur Dominic could think of. Domino two. Just as planned.

An illusory butt grab as a very real Maurice passed a very real Jesse sparks a very real fist fight. Domino three. Just as planned.

The very real fist fight, becomes a very real knife fight when Jesse pulls a blade from his pocket. Domino four. Please, don’t do this.

A very real knife wound claims a very real Maurice’s life. Domino five. This isn’t what I wanted.

Maurice’s very real older brother hunts down a very real Jesse with the rest of his gang, and beats him to death in an alley the next day. Domino six. I could have known, I could have stopped this if I had been more careful.

A very real gang war is sparked. Three more very real young men die. A very real little girl is hit by a stray bullet and dies. Four more very real young men go to prison for the rest of their lives. Dominos seven, eight, and nine. All. My. Fault.

Dominic got on a bus and left Chicago. No one knew what he had done, and he wasn’t even sure if anyone could possibly find out. But he wanted to leave. He spent a year on the road, trying to think of a way to make amends for what he had done. He wound up in Seattle and things were business as usual until he found a group extraordinary people that were just as in need of direction as he was. He took a chance and meddled again. He used his abilities to bring these people together so they could try making the world a little bit better.

Domino one.

Paragon - Dominic Clay (Domino)

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