JCD - Dreadnought



Dreadnought is a founding member of the Jet City Defenders.

Armor: Monolith Gelsuit

Growing up Mathew traveled from country to country with his mother Monica Briggs as she was working for WNN as a war corespondent. Mathew grew up without his father every time he asked his mother about his dad she would tell him “your farther was a bad man drop it.” He learned a lot from being around other reporters, soldiers, and mercenaries.

At age 14 Mathew and his mother moved to New York for her to take an anchor position at the WNN headquarters. At the same time Mathew was going through some changes of his own as his powers were beginning to manifest. Fearing his mothers disapproval, Mathew fled to the streets of New York and quickly got rapped up in the wrong crowds. For the next 6 years Mathew traveled the country doing odd jobs, fighting for money, and working for the mob until he found himself in the Seattle underground fighting ring.

JCD - Dreadnought

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