El Mecánico - Ramirez, Emilio

A former car-theif, master mechanic in the employ of Mastermind


Emilio Ramirez loves his mama, he loves Jesus, and he loves, loves loves motorcycles. Caught moving Mastermind’s stolen bike, he was hired by Tembrook Technologies after proving he had an almost supernatural aptitude for motorcycle maintenance and customization. Emelio is so good at repairing and building bikes, he’s simply known as El Mecánico (The Mechanic).

Currently he’s working on a concept bike for Mastermind that he calls El Icara, The Icarus, manufactured from metamaterials ‘collected’ from the wreckage of a Nanotech Exogenics company car.

Emilo’s latest project is the Dreadcar, a vehical capable of ground, sea and air travel. It will take him several months to build, but boy will it be a doozy.

Emilio is suspected a member of Mafia – El Jinetes Rojos “The Red Riders”, a local motorcycle gang associated with the Mexican mafia. He’s hired most of them to help with the dreadcar, and some outside talent as well.

El Mecánico - Ramirez, Emilio

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