Blackstone, Flint

The Grizzled Conventional Combat Expert of the Blackstone Family


Flint Blackstone is one of the least trusted members of the team. With the ability to use any weapon he picks up expertly, and with innate understanding of unarmed combat, Flint is highly dangerous. With a preference for blades, Flint is sadistic and cruel, often going far beyond the call of duty, killing when it would be just as easy to subdue, or even torturing prisoners for information (or for entertainment) behind the backs of the others. When he is caught, he is reprimanded, but he is growing more and more cunning. It does not help that he is the result of Blackstone inbreeding and is mentally unbalanced.

He also keeps his personal hobby a secret from his entire family — he hunts humans. His hunting has not yet come to the attention of his family, but he is growing more and more bold… and eying his parents. Certainly, should he ever attack one of the family, the Blackstones would face possible significant changes in attitude and belief.

Blackstone, Flint

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