Blackstone, Garnet

Assasin and second in command of the Blackstone Family


Garnet is the most tenured member of the Blackstone Team. In his late 30s, he’s approaching retirement from the Team, but he enjoys serving the family, and particularly enjoys serving under Iron.

Garnet has been trained as an assassin, and knows dozens of ways to kill a person quickly and silently without the use of his powers. Add in his ability to negate metahuman abilities and magic within 20 yards, and his ability to disrupt all or part of a person’s nervous system with a touch, and it becomes clear why Garnet is one of the most deadly members of the team.

Still, he is not an indiscriminate killer. He is a generally honorable man, only killing those who he is contracted to kill, or in the defense of himself or his family.

Generally accepted as the second-in-command of the team when in the field, Garnet is respected by most of his Team — and feared by those who don’t respect anyone. His presence ensures that the more rambunctius members of the Team stay in line.

When not working, Garnet lives a fairly quiet life. He enjoys reading, classical music, and cooking. Despite their differences in personality, he and his younger cousin Iron are best friends.

Blackstone, Garnet

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