Blackstone, Gold

Patriarch of the Blackstone Family


Head of the Blackstone family. Pater Familia to a family of notorious super-thieves and mercenaries. A man well used to power, and not to be trifled with.

The Blackstone family is a large, extended clan, with hundreds of living members. The meta-gene is common in this clan, and there are dozens of metahumans within the clan. Many of these metahumans have minor powers, of limited use. Some have mildly useful powers, but are far from combat-worthy. However, there are also members of the clan who possess powers which make them powerful on the field of combat. These members form the Team, known in international circles simply as the Blackstones, a mercenary group for hire. No job is too little or too much, as long as a person can pay the price — and as long as the interests of the family as a whole are secure.

The family, as a whole, has a familiarity with alchemy. Members of the Team take names of different types of metals or stones, often providing some alchemical reference to the powers they possess.

The title of “Gold” is a hereditary title, one always held by the patriarch of the family. This patriarch is always without powers — those who would aquire the title yet possess powers are passed over. The current Gold is no exception, and he proudly holds the title which has been passed down for nearly 1000 years. It is Gold who runs the family business, investing funds for the family’s holdings, organizing the Team’s operations, and otherwise providing leadership for the clan. Taking payment in either cash or favor, the Blackstone clan is always seeking to aquire more and more power, with the broker behind it all the old powerless Gold.

His Team has served as kidnappers, assassins, hackers, spies… as well as bodyguards, recovery experts, security, and many other jobs besides, on both sides of the law.

The Blackstones are a very efficient, successful lot — but be prepared to pay a high cost for their services.

Blackstone, Gold

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