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Characters – NPC’s and Player Characters both mortal and Parahumans, including municipal, super teams and other esoteric personalities. Places – Parahuman powerhouses, like S.P.E.C.T.R.U.M. travel extensively, so here are some of the many places the various teams have explored.
Items – Artifacts and Items of Power from many explorations, everything from weapons, armor, vehicles and magical and super-powered objects. Organizations – From foreign Mafia to Superhero Teams these are some of the many organizations and groups available to our heroes.


Brotherhood of Thunders

Assembly of Serpents

The Abominable Clan of Frost


Tribe of Chrome
Great Clips

Professor Willard Carlisle Doctor of Crypto Zoology UW

Carson Craven


“Nova” Brother – Nether Corps – Nebula Rasa -

The Beam Hornet – Kent West

Gavin Cross

Tomb Raider

Mercy Force – Crimson Defender, The – Nullifier

Clockwork Armada, The
The Head Diva
Captain Roger
Doc Hargraves

Paragon: (Alpha team)
(Captain Canada – leader)
Delta V
The Olympian

Paragon Beta team
Lady Justice
Deadeye Chimp
Gang Zhao
Blue Cavalier, The

Paragon Jerusalem:
Azure Star

Paragon France:
Revolutionary , The

Zen Men Sun Tsou – Silver Cyborg – The leader
Iko – Rose Tiger
Rongudu – Green Wolf
Zonji – Azure Bear
Kaiduro – Yellow Mantis

Black Widow (San Francisco)
Mirage (San Francisco)
Tyler Brand (London)
Black Annie (London)
Century (Minneapolis)
Dr Tesseract (Boston)
Formor (Orlando)
Laughing Jack (Los Angeles)
Mortlocke (Paris)
Raksha (Cairo)
Goalie, The (Calgary Canada)

Mercy Force:
Jade Viper

Dawn Patrol:
Phalanx (Ka-Hadan)
Thunderdome (deceased)

Stars & Stripes (Stars Public Facing)
Alpha Star
Sgt Freedom
Red Lightening

Stars and Stripes (Stripes Black Ops)
Bullet Time

Austin Posse:
Star Marshall
Wild Billy Kidd

People’s Republic of China:
Imperial Lotus

Southern Cross:
Abo Joe

Scream Queen (L.A.)
Boybot (Minneapolis)
BioCore (Japan) – Doctor of Nuclear Physics Ruiko Tanaka-San – Merged with Taiko Tsumori
Dark Lotus
Asguardian, The – Eric Reign

The Mob: (Needs an entry in Organizations)

Charles Dickens
Edwin Drood
Andrew Verne (Jules’ nephew)
John Fowler (Chief Engineer, King’s Cross trainyard, London)

Samwise Baggins
Sallyforth Gamgies
one ring to open the ways, one ring to find them, one ring to heal the stars and in the light remind them.
Arlethan – King’s son
Helgir –
Rongar –
Gondor – men 25
Riders of Rohan –
Alaatar the Blue
Elves of Middle Earth

Chaldathan Clones
Chaldathan Empress Fid’aizo Chuun
Chaldathan Grand Cleric
Chaldathan Golden Guard

Aphrodesia Siphodello – Nationality Italian. 27? A stunning older redhead who runs a business called Hooters-like restaurant chain that is bondage themed called Racks

OkrkTesh – Martian Survivor, now on earth… somewhere.

Alastor General Crixxus of the ZoneGra Protectorate – Commanded a fleet
Dar Vujeeze – Arcturi Regiment – Local Garrison Dar (Commander) on commerce planet Yunari
Margo Seng – Head mechanic at a spaceport on the commerce planet Yunari

Zero – Servant of oblivion, the Void, and the heat death of the universe. Enjoys pitting Parahumans against one-another.

Dr Zanome Zaitoichi – Head Administrator – Tokyo General Hospital
Tokyo City Prefect Tashokusan Gimidi
Doctor of Nuclear Physics Ruiko Tanaka-San
Samurai Fire Demon
Japanese Ambassador to America Koji Kako
Emperor Akihito
Kenjo (orphan)

Alien – Odun Tai – The Watcher

The Archon – Minor emotion control parahuman started the Sons of Purity anti-parahuman league during the events of the Civil War. Died of his injuries during an anti parahuman binge of rioting and looting in Washington DC.

Braniac Probe
Supergirl (Kara Zor-El)
Superman (Kal-El)
Faora Hu-Ul

Train passengers (The Fates)
Chloe Hempstead – The daughter
Lettie Hempstead – The Mother
Addie Hempstead – The Grandmother

Gatekeeper Mansion tentacles
Green Tentacle prefers Classical
Black Tentacle loves Coffee

Terry Acres – Secondary Quarterback – Bulldogs

Michael Carello – Superintendent of Central District – Public Schools

Michael Aikins – Former SPD commish – Father of Big Joe Bartlett

Stephen Prosser – SPD Internal Affairs

FBI Special Agent Donner – safe house duty
FBI Special Agent Shamwell – safe house duty

Ultimus Hallowscourge Hiveminder
Ultimus Hallowscourge Praetorian
Ultimus Hallowscourge Virus
Ultimus “Hallowed” Scourge Virus

Ultimus Hallowscourge Hybrids:
Ultimus Hallowscourge Blue Whale
Ultimus Hallowscourge Giant Squid
Ultimus Hallowscourge Killer Whale

Darth Crimonius

Morgan La Faye – Blood Red Sorceress – Emma Culhwych – Morgane, Morgana The Morrígan (“phantom queen”) Modran daughter of Avallack, Mother to Owain the Black Hearted

Wiccan Circle:
Tracy Hoyt – Goth wiccan
Saffron – Goth wiccan II
Walter Gethry – Wizard hippy
Jaina Lipshitz – PTA mom

Guiomar (ghost)


Ultimus Undersea Lab Scientists
Ultimus Undersea Lab Subship
Ultimus Undersea Lab Mothership

Maris Brood Alpha/Original
Maris Brood Clone

Evan Muzk Clone #7 (Died while in police custody)

Kiran Cross – PHD Archeology/Anthropology – University of Washington.
Priscilla Davies – Archeologist/Anthropologist
Cornel Colin Brighton – Royal Canadian Army

Lex Luthor

Dark Christmas Elves
The Anti-Claus
Mega Nutcrackers
Frosted Snowmen
Jaque Frost (Killer Frost)
Four Bow General: Sweetroll Patent


Gatekeeper Mansion – San Francisco, CA

Yunari – Commerce Planet, multi-racial. Within ZoneGra Protectorate space.

Xeto – ‘Dead’ Planet. Outside of, but within Hyperflight travel of the ZoneGra Protectorate. Contained a remnant of a Primmortal vessel disguised as an ancient ruined city.


Phantom Zone, The

Racks restaurant chain

Known Gates
| Dimension: | Gate Location | Gatekeeper |
| Earth Prime | Home Dimension | N/A |
| Dazbog (Slavic) | Croatia | ? |
| Orshanka (African) | Horn of Africa | ? |
| Bramin (Hindu) | Calcutta India | ? |
| Egyptia | Valley of the Kings | ? |
| Teochitlian | Peru | ? |
| Realm of Ice | ? | ? |
| Realm of Water | ? | ? |
| Star Trek | ? | ? |
| DC Universe | ? | ? |
| Realm of Fire | ? | ? |
| Realm of Lightening | ? | ? |
| Realm of Earth | ? | ? |
| Marvel Universe | ? | ? |
| Dog World | Westchester UK | ? |
| Paldronica | New York NY | RingBlade |
| Asgard | Lillyhammer Norway | ? |
| Farscape | Sydney Austraulia | ? |
| Middle Earth | King’s Cross UK | ? |
| Summerlands | Navajo Mountain AZ | Shaman, The |
| Spyworld | Berlin, DE | ? |
| Warworld | ? | Dreadnought |
| Arabian Nights | Sahara Desert | ? |
| Gaia | Tokyo Japan | Summoner, The |
| StarWars | ? | ? |
| Antimatter Universe | Pakistan | ? |
| Gangland | Chicago, IL | ? |
| Angelic Realm (Heaven) | ? | ? |
| Elysian fields | ? | ? |
| Demonic Realm (Hell) | ? | ? |
| Middle Earth | King’s Cross, London UK | ? |

- Weathertop.
- Rivendell.
- Misty Mountains.
- Mines of Moria.
- Isengard.
- Gap of Rohan.
- Mordor.

Chaldathan Armada Ship (this could go in characters or items)

London Underground


Chaldathan World Ender (Pluto Base)

Zoa – Lithari Home planet

Mantle of Krakkathuum, The – The home ‘planet’ of the Lazoni race, actually a dense asteroid belt.

GIGA NIHON NO KAMI – Spirit of Japan (City of Tokyo ship) (This could go in characters or items)

Belltown Motor Care – Mechanic Shop – Belltown

Belltown WA

University of Washington Polar Science Center (UW-PSC),
The science team establishes a base camp, called the North Pole Environmental Observatory (NPEO), at the privately operated Russian/French ice camp Borneo, a temporary cluster of tents erected at 89 degrees North. Borneo has been accommodating tourists, explorers, and scientists since 1993. The camp operators smooth out a 3000 foot long runway so that ski-equipped planes can land right on the sea ice. Two large Russian helicopters ferry tourists to the Pole and scientists to their remote camps.
Science Projects
The University of Washington coordinates the diverse NPEO research team. In addition to making a core set of instruments to track Arctic Ocean changes, NPEO aims to distribute the core data as widely as possible to the rest of the science community and to provide operational support and background data to other investigators. This year, scientists from a number of scientific institutions will be working on the ice.

Tensing Momo

Seattle Underground Tour

Elliot Bay

Hotel Seattle


Kenjo’s helmet

Primmortal power crystal – SEE PRIMMORTAL SPARK

Primmortal spark – an energy source and database from within a Primmortal ship. Essentially a self-sustaining AI. The Monolith AI Eve was an example of a Primmortal spark. Poorly understood by spacefaring races, the Primmortal Spark (Also known as Dark Matter Crystals) were sought after power sources throughout the galaxy.

Monolith, The – A Primmortal Scout Ship. Landing caused the extinction of the dinosaurs. First discoverers, Dr. Adams (Abel) and Zero (Caine).

Tesla Time Sled

Genitagging Initiative, The

Park (drug)
Park – Superspeed
Huck – Superstrength
Swish – Aqua-strength
Toss – Flight

Park Anti-serum

Project Spiro

Kryptonian Seedship
Phantom Drive
Kryptonian datastore crystal
Kryptonian seed crystal
Kryptonite (green)
Kryptonite dust
Kryptonite (red)
Kryptonian technology

The Fate Train

Tonfa Saber

Book – Chanson de Saisnes (The Three Matters)
The three “Matters” were first described in the 12th century by the French poet Jean Bodel, whose epic Chanson de Saisnes contains the line:
Ne sont que III matières à nul homme atandant,De France et de Bretaigne, et de Rome la grant.There are but 3 matters that no man should be without,That of France, of Britain, and of great Rome.
The name distinguishes and relates the Matter of Britain from the mythological themes taken from classical antiquity, the “Matter of Rome”, and the tales of the paladins of Charlemagne and their wars with the Moors and Saracens, which constituted the “Matter of France”. While Arthur is the chief subject of the Matter of Britain, other lesser-known legendary history of Great Britain and Brittany, including the stories of Brutus of Britain, King Cole, King Lear, and Gogmagog, is also included in the Matter of Britain aka Legendary kings of the British.

Lathe of the Founders / Shard of Caliburn


Northwest Sharkskins (NWSS) – Anti-para skinhead gang Seattle

The Populist Patriots – Christian far right wing hate group Seattle

The Gentlemen of Science – Time travelers From 1880!

Order of the Midnight Cross (London 1850)

People’s Republic of China (Superhero team, China)

Southern Cross (Superhero Team, Australia)

Civil War Factions
P.F.H. – Parahumans for Humanity (Government loyalists in support of genitagging initiative)

Liberty Covenant, The – Parahumans who reject the genitagging initiative and have vowed to take up arms to defend Parahuman freedom.

Mob, The – Parahumans looking to capitalize on the chaos of the Civil War

Children of Purity – A non-powered human faction in Washington D.C. dedicated to ridding the world of parahumans, led by The Archon, ironically a parahuman himself with the power of Emotion Control. Self proclaimed leader The Archon was defeated by Blackjack, who later turned the group to his own vigilante ends. Defeated by Blackjack, the former SoP’s are now tattooing the blackjack masks on their faces.

Random Adventure Log stuff & uncategorized things:

Time Travelling Gentlemen of Science
Camp, eat. Talk about Henry (Young Gentleman Master Verne’s Dog Herotodus is missing, and they mustn’t leave anything behind.)
Search for Herotodus.
Raptors in the fields
Time travel to 1860 – Charles Dickens Christmas party!
London in 1860!
At the Christmas party in 1860
Edwin Drood attempts to kill Dickens via poison!
Runs into the sewers of London via graveyard!
Carries with him the gate key to another world!
The London Gate – Kings Cross London – Middle Earth
Back to the workshop. Henry Verne says that he wishes his father could have joined them.
Your father is a criminal and an anarchist, who wants society and the modern world to burn. I don’t want you to grow up in a world like that grandson.
The time machine has been stolen!
Rail marks lead across the alley to the trainyard.
Christmas day train chase!
Order of the Midnight Cross thuggery! Technology should be only used to dominate the human race.
Into the London Underground at King’s cross.
Andrew Verne (Jules’ nephew) shots Jules in the leg. ‘For Michael"
John Fowler (Chief Engineer) will have no part of this. Claims he’ll tell Mr. Peirson all about it.
Order of the Midnight Cross – thugs attack.

Chaldathan Invasion

The Rows of Pods in the Chaldathan Clone Ship
One of them crackling with lightening. Causing equipment to malfunction. A wind picks up along the long corridors. And the lightening grows, cascading along rows and rows of chryo tubes.
Gloved hands begin to pull open the hatches of their cryo tubes.
Flames burst out of one.
Curls of wind out of another.
Another one pops out with a fist shaped indentation.
Another is kicked out.
Another explodes outward.
Another is peeled open.
Another coalesces with a mist that seeps through the cracks..
Another is pried open with knives.
Still another is frozen solid and cracked apart.
Thousands of costumed heroes and some, not so heroic begin breaking free, clasping hands, some old rivals, and even enemies eying each-other with suspicion, but all seem to recognize a common enemy when they see one.
Alright Ladies and Gentlemen, said sergeant Freedom.
Listen up. We’ve got a job to do.

Old News from the watchtower
Pluto recently removed as a planet by scientists who wished to change it’s classification may now wish to eat their words, since the destruction of the planetoid there is now a movement by some in the scientific community to elevate it’s sibling Charon to full planet status.

Charon is of course the skeletal guardian of the river styx in ancient mythology.

30 people at a Dairy Quick are now in critical condition due to what doctors believe may be e.coli poisoning.

The word on the street from bystanders. "That food is so full of fat it’s a mystery how people don’t know it’s bad for you. A lot more people die from eating fast food their whole lives.

Seattle Chief Medical examiner’s office is investigating the misplacement of several recently accepted sets of human remains recently transferred from the suicide ward at Pac Med.

A new restaurant chain is sweeping the nation: “Racks”. The eatery features racks of ribs, burgers & hot wings served by young women showing lots of legs and cleavage. The inside of the establishment is made to look like a torture chamber, complete with a medieval torture rack. Five locations have already opened citywide.

Scandal at the Seattle diocese, as Father Leo August has been removed from active work for the church pending an investigation of child abuse. The Catholic Priest is apparently accused of entering the home of a local seattle resident where he proceeded to engage in puniching the boy with physical restraint and abuse.

Local police welcome a new Chief of Police in a ceremony later today. Former Special Liason Arland Standley was recently promoted to Chief of the Seattle police department, and the ceremony will be attended by local dignitaries including Seattle’s District attorney Richard Danger Mayor Mark Franklin and Deputy Mayor Peter Swanson.

United Nations Parahuman Summit on the state of Japan’s WWII concessions.
Team: Lonestar – StarMarshall
Team: Mercy Force – Peregrin
Team: The Gatekeepers – Lady Gargoyle
Team: Paragon – Captain Canada
Team: People’s Republic of China – Impeiral Lotus
Team: Southern Cross – Abo Joe

Japanese Tsunami & Fukishima Reactor Crisis
Friday March 11
At 0546 GMT (1446 in Japan) a massive earthquake, 8.9 on the Richter scale, unleashes a huge tsunami which crashes through Japan’s eastern coastline, sweeping buildings, boats, cars and people miles inland.
5 minutes of quake!
In Tokyo – hundreds of miles from the quake – large buildings shake violently and workers scramble into the streets for safety.
Car accidents!
Water main blows!
Gas Main blows!
More than 50 aftershocks follow – seven at least 6.3 on the Richter scale, the size of the quake which struck New Zealand on February 22.
A “state of emergency” is declared at one of the country’s nuclear power plants after the Fukushima reactor, around 30 miles inland from the north east coast, suffers a cooling system failure. Around 3,000 people are evacuated from a 6.2-mile exclusion zone.
Japanese Ambassador and Emperor Akihito on a plane that is having trouble taking off!
A large fire erupts at the Cosmo oil refinery in Ichihara city near Tokyo and burns out of control, with 100ft flames whipping into the sky. – Giant Samurai Fire Demon appears
Sendai airport, north of Tokyo, is inundated with cars, trucks and buses and thick mud cover its runways



United Nations – Genitagging Initiative

The Loyalists: PFH (Parahumans for Humanity)
Paragon – All of them publically
Captain Canada – Copernicus – Delta V – The Olympian – Sirocco – Striker – Tangent – Valkyrie (heroes Alpha)
Lady Justice – Akandi – Boost – Congo – Deadeye Chimp – Feedback – Gang Zhao – Blue Cavilier – Squire – Toymaker(beta)
Nufon – All of them
Some gatekeepers – Lady Gargoyle – Tyler Brand (London) – Century (Minneapolis) – Dr Tesseract (Boston) – Formor (Orlando) – Laughing Jack (Los Angeles) – Mortlocke (Paris) –
Raksha (Cairo) – Ratcheteer (San Francisco) – Black Annie (London)
Some Mercy Force – Jade Viper – Memnosyne (on the fence) – Onyma
Some dawn Patrol – Mistral
Some Stars and Stripes – Stripes – Blackhawk – Alpha Star – Bullet Time
Some Austin Possee – Lonestar – Star Marshall – Anima
Sin Claire
Scream Queen

Rebels: (Liberty Covenant)
The Gatekeepers – Mr Mystic – The Gentleman – Black Widow – Mirage
Some Mercy Force – Magma – Peregrine – Nightclaw – Ghost Squadron
Dawn Patrol – Gallant – Darkwave – Phalanx (Ka-Hadan) –
Stars & Stripes – Stars – Sgt Freedom – StarGuard – Red Lightening
Some Austin Posse – Lonestar – Wild Billy Kidd – Velocity – Myriad –
NEW PARAGON!: Azure Star and Eclipse (Jerusalem) – Liberte & The Revolutionary (France)
Jade Wraith & The Gentleman
Doctor of Nuclear Physics Ruiko Tanaka-San – Merged with Taiko Tsumori (BioCore)

The Mob – Parahumans looking to use the Civil War to capitalize on the chaos
Xiao Sang
Black Inque
The Hemogoblin
Jestyr Pockets
Killer Frost

The Blackstones
Dark Lotus & Zero
Imperial Lotus
The Asian and Indian Gatekeepers
The Amazons (Hippolyta)

Physical assault of superhero.
Watcher race appears. Odun Tai
Meeting of the Rebels.
Cops are running down Magnatron for trying to stop a robbery.
It’s a Paragon Team that is running them down, plus cops. Thumper (Nelly’s character joins up)
Copernicus – Delta V – The Olympian – Sirocco – Striker – Tangent – Valkyrie (heroes Alpha)
Copernicus calls Eric Reign (The Asguardian) who kills Giant Hick Hero Guy
Gallant Shills Flashbang. “The next time you fight Paragon, kill one of them.”
Diamond Blackstone v. Gallant & Darkwave (and a hero fallen into darkness – Shadow Dreadnaught).
Blackjack vs. Children of Purity – Self proclaimed leader The Archon was defeated and later died of his injuries during an anti parahuman binge of Rioting and looting in Washington DC. Defeated by Blackjack and are now tattooing the blackjack masks on their faces.


Ultima industries secured mining and mineral rights to a quarry in fall city promising 400 new jobs for the region in a press conference today. Chief of operations Tobias King had this to to say.

“The new mineral wealth we’ve located may revolutionize a number of industries under the wheelhouse of Ultima industries and I for one am excited to see what our science and R&D divisions come up with.”

Ultima spokespeople were mum on just what new mineral wealth has been discovered, however this reporter did find patents pending for a number of trade names recently filed by the company, including one reference to a stable transuranic element (element 126) that finally decays to iron.

Strings of bank robberies continue in the greater seattle area as a gang calling themselves JC Patches continue to harry the local banking community, this time robbing two credit unions this week.

Admiral richard e byrd society has reported an as of yet unknown archeoligical find near the north pole. Noted archeologist Harry Arden has stated that the find exists beneath a large amount of ice and is attempting to find funding for an excavation.

Quarantine of the Elliot bay area in downtown seattle has reduced as SPECTRUM and police investigators cleared out a dangerous creature infestation nearby the Elliot bay bookstore. SPD is making final sweeps tonight and scientists from the University of Washington are conferring about the potential impact of the creatures. Homegrown hero Slipstream also made an appearance to help with the crisis. No arrests have been made, pending further investigation by SPECTRUM and the SPD.

Store owner Argus Crabb told reporters this afternoon that “It was about time someone did something about the smell coming from the basement.” It’s unclear at this time what creatures were involved, or exactly what the danger was, however several nearby residents reported feeling tremors through out the late afternoon during the quarantine.

Crabb later stated that he was eager to get back to his books, which, he stated, contained more wisdom than any member of those costumed n’er do wells.

KMRLD has been granted exclusive rights to the tory, and will be updating you as the story develops. As for this reporter, I’m glad to report zero fatalities on the SPECTRUM team, and am happy they’re still looking out for us.

Police arrested two men early Wednesday morning after an attempted carjacker failed to make off with the target car.

A man pulled up to a store in his 2007 Audi A3 wagon at Eighth Avenue South and South King Street in the International District to buy some food while a woman waited in the passenger seat, according to Seattle police reports.

A strange man holding a beer in one hand got into the driver’s seat and tried to start the car.

The woman shouted at the suspect and tried to push him out of the car, but he doggedly continued to try to start the car and get it into gear for several minutes, all the while still hanging on to his beer.

He eventually gave up and left the car, getting into a blue Kia Sportage on South King Street.

The woman noted the Kia’s license plate and got behind the wheel to follow the Kia, according to Seattle police.

The Kia ran several red lights and stop signs and drove the wrong way down a one-way street, ultimately getting away from the woman driving the Audi.

The woman flagged two King County transit deputies and told them about the incident. Meanwhile, she realized her iPhone 7 was missing.

Appearing on the scene by happenstance, the parahuman Police Officer Starborn arrived and remotely employed her phone’s “find my iPhone” tool, which allowed officers to track down the Kia at 12th Avenue South and South Main Street. Starborn and other Police arrested the driver.

When the passenger stepped out of the vehicle, the beeping iPhone fell from his lap. The woman identified the driver as the attempted carjacker. After the owner of the Audi returned to the store parking lot to find his car was gone, he called 911. Officers reunited him with the woman and the Audi. The suspects, ages 50 and 25, were booked into the King County Jail for investigation of robbery.

Apparent hooligans egg homeless man

Occupants of a BMW reportedly targeted a homeless man sleeping at a church in a drive-by egging Wednesday morning.

A man flagged down patrol officers just before 4:45 a.m. in the 4100 block of University Way Northeast, according to police reports. He told police that five minutes prior, two men drove by in a BMW and chucked eggs at a homeless man sleeping in the doorway of a church.

The occupants of the silver BMW with tinted windows appeared to be in their 20s. The witness reported the same car circled the block half an hour before the egging.

The homeless man was fine, but pointed out to officers where an egg broke on his jacket, reports say.

Seattle and University of Washington police were unable to find suspects.

Police ask anyone with information on the incident to call 555-625-5011.


Tir Na nÓg, Irish for “Land of Youth”, is the eponymous location for the game.

The protagonists, The Challenger crew, have departed the land of the living and finds themselves at an altar in this land, essentially an afterlife. Their goal is to reunite the four fragments of the Seal of Calum and place it on the altar, all while avoiding the sídhe.

It is impossible to be killed (you’re already dead)
Return to the gateway dropped everything

Sidhea-Bruidhin – The Tongue of the Sidhe is the language from which Gaelic eventually developed – it is a mysterious speech, sometimes fey and harsh, sometimes melodic and seductive. Throughout this game, where the Sidhe names are more evocative, they have been used.

Calum – means ‘challenger’

The first piece became Dagda’s Cauldron,
which was rumoured to be ever the provider of
The second piece was known as the Spear of
Lugh, which is said to ensure victory.
The third piece became the Stone of Fal,
which always hit any target at which it was thrown,
and later was said to shriek in the presence of a
lawful King.
The last piece was known as Nuada’s Sword,
which made its bearer invincible, and allowed no
escape to a fleeing enemy.


The vehicle impacted the water about 32 km (20 miles) east of Cape Canaveral. “Tracking reported that the vehicle had exploded and impacted the water in an area approximately located at 28.64 degrees north, 80.28 degrees west”, Mission Control, Houston.13 About half of the vehicle’s remains were never recovered, and fragments still wash ashore occasionally on the coast of Brevard County, Florida.

Gregory Bruce Jarvis (August 24, 1944 – January 28, 1986) was an American engineer who died during the destruction of the Space Shuttle Challenger on mission STS-51-L, where he was serving as Payload Specialist.

Sharon Christa Corrigan McAuliffe (September 2, 1948 – January 28, 1986) was an American teacher from Concord, New Hampshire, and was one of the seven crew members killed in the Space Shuttle Challenger disaster. She received her bachelor’s degree in education and history from Framingham State College in 1970, and also a Master of Arts in education supervision and administration2 from Bowie State University in 1978. She took a teaching position as a social studies teacher at Concord High School in New Hampshire in 1983. In 1985, she was selected from more than 11,000 applicants to participate in the NASA Teacher in Space Project and was scheduled to become the first teacher in space.3 As a member of mission STS-51-L, she was planning to conduct experiments and teach two lessons from Space Shuttle Challenger. On January 28, 1986, the shuttle exploded 73 seconds after launch. After her death, schools and scholarships were named in her honor, and also in 2004 she was posthumously awarded the Congressional Space Medal of Honor.

Ronald Ervin McNair, Ph.D. (October 21, 1950 – January 28, 1986) was a physicist and NASA astronaut. McNair died during the launch of the Space Shuttle Challenger on mission STS-51-L.

Ellison Shoji Onizuka (June 24, 1946 – January 28, 1986) was an American astronaut from Kealakekua, Kona, Hawaii, who successfully flew into space with the Space Shuttle Discovery on STS-51-C. He died in the destruction of the Space Shuttle Challenger, on which he was serving as Mission Specialist for mission STS-51-L. He was the first Asian-American to reach space.

Judith Arlene Resnik (April 5, 1949 – January 28, 1986) was an American engineer and a NASA astronaut who died when the Space Shuttle Challenger was destroyed during the launch of mission STS-51-L. Resnik was the second American female astronaut, logging 145 hours in orbit. She was a graduate of Carnegie Mellon University and had a Ph.D. in electrical engineering from the University of Maryland. The IEEE Judith Resnik Award for space engineering is named in her honor.

Michael John Smith (April 30, 1945 – January 28, 1986), usually known as Mike Smith, was an American astronaut—pilot of the Space Shuttle Challenger when it was destroyed during the STS-51-L mission. All seven crew members died.

Francis Richard “Dick” Scobee (May 19, 1939 – January 28, 1986) was an American astronaut. He was killed commanding the Space Shuttle Challenger, which suffered catastrophic booster failure during launch of the STS-51-L mission. He was survived by his wife June, two children, Kathie R. (Scobee) Fulgham and Brigadier General Richard W. Scobee, and a grandson, Parker Scobee.

Extracts From the Leabhar Glaodhach, the Book of Tears, being the History of the Seal of Calum and the fall of the Sidhe.
At the end of Time, on the last Day of the Universe, the Great Enemy sat alone and smiled his serpentine smile. Wearing his satisfaction like a crown, he gazed across an Infinite night, watching as each bruised and battered Galaxy flickered like a candle flame and died.

Thus another cycle was brought to a crashing close, another cycle dominated and tortured and fashioned in his own image, another cycle in an unbroken chain of cycles in which his Will had reigned unchallenged – and this, thought the Great Enemy, was Good.

A final distant cluster of sad stars sighed and went out, and the Enemy leaned back on his ebony throne and closed his eyes.

And from the darkness spoke a voice, saying: “Master Worm, Thou Art Bound.”
Slowly, then, did the seated figure open his dark, hooded eyes, to see before him a tall and slender man-shape, clutching a bundle in his arms. “And What” said the Enemy, “Art Thou?” “We are Sidhe. We are the last Guard; We bring thee thy Chains…” and the tall Sidhe thrust the bundle towards the throne.

The Great Enemy gasped as a pain travelled along his spine upwards to his serpents head; a vast, all-encompassing pain that filled his being and he recoiled to press his agony against the back of the seat. “Show Me” he hissed. The Sidhe removed an object from the bundle and held it high. It flashed and sparkled like a giant star; forbidding the eyes to look upon it directly.

“Behold, Calum’s Seal” said the Sidhe. “Long did he toil fashioning this Thing in places hidden from thee and now his Seal binds Thee…” The Enemy slid down in his throne and curled himself into a tight frozen ball, imprisoned by the brilliance of the Seal.

In the remaining seconds before the birth of the next cycle, the Sidhe spoke his last words to the bound Enemy. "Know this, Master Worm, while this Seal is intact, Thou art Chained, and know also that

Calum’s gift will never be unguarded nor allowed to gather dust in some dark niche nor left to the devices of thy servants, this at the peril of the souls of our race and so do the Sidhe make Oath…"

And so did a new Cycle begin…

The Sidhe took the Seal of Calum and hid it deep in an ancient fastness, far beyond the ken of Mortal and Immortal alike.
And in a far distant place, the Great Enemy writhed in helpless pain on his black throne, leaving a new Universe to pursue a happier course.

Great were the civilisations that arose in that golden Cycle and great were their works and the Sidhe were cherished by all creatures. But, in time, the vigilance of the Sidhe lessened and the servants of the Enemy crept once again into the green fields and tall towers.

And there came a day when Carnival was in the air and the Sidhe went abroad to look fondly on the celebrations. While their attention was away from the fortress of the Seal, a thing of the Enemy slid silently inside and seized Calum’s gift.

In that moment, the Great Enemy and the Sidhe became aware of this act; the Enemy sent forth all that was left of his Will to render what aid he could to his servant; the Sidhe sprang to their feet and returned with such speed as only they could achieve to their violated fortress.

So they arrived as the thief was approaching the door of the keep and the Sidhe cried aloud in their anger – the thief withered and died in a single, sustained blast from those he had robbed. But, in dying, he wrought more harm than he could have dreamed, for the Seal was also blasted and shattered into four pieces. Thus was the Great Enemy loosed from his timeless bondage upon a Universe unguarded and ripe for Vengeance.

For the Oath of the Sidhe was shattered with the Seal and they took the four pieces through a secret way and withdrew to their first kingdom, which was the Otherworld, the Land of Youth, called Tir Na Nog.

In vain, the Sidhe tried to re-forge the Seal, but the art of Calum was lost with its master when he finally passed beyond his Smithy to the Far Land, even though his hammer and his anvil he left for others to use.
Then, in their shame, the Sidhe were reduced and shrunken to petty, dark creatures and their glory was remembered by few, even amongst their own kind, but rather were they thought to be of the Faery Folk and of little consequence.

The Seal was remembered by even fewer, but, from time to time, a piece would emerge from Otherworld and take its place in Legend; and, over the ages, the fragments were shaped by the legends and became the legends; and this is how the parts of Seal of Calum were known:

The first piece became Dagda’s Cauldron, which was rumoured to be ever the provider of food.

The second piece was known as the Spear of Lugh, which is said to ensure victory.

The third piece became the Stone of Fal, which always hit any target at which it was thrown, and later was said to shriek in the presence of a lawful King.

The last piece was known as Nuada’s Sword, which made its bearer invincible, and allowed no escape to a fleeing enemy.

For the fragments of the Seal were separately named in their re-shaping after the great of the Tuatha de Danann, the children of Danu, whom later men called Gods.

And so the Seal, though sundered, retained its power and the power of the Whole was present in the parts, though they could not be united.

Though the worlds were plunged into torment as the Enemy was freed, so also in the same moment began the Age of Heroes.
The names of the Heroes were many and most drifted into the mists of time with their mortality. Some gave their names to cities and mountains, and will be remembered around the fires of men till Cycle’s End.

But the greatest Hero to walk abroad is remembered for the least of his works, for high in honour though his earthly deeds were, his noblest acts were performed in places outside of the knowledge of the Bards and so were unrecorded.

So let it be known that the name of the Greatest Hero was Cuchulainn, who was also called the Hound of Heaven, and in Death his deeds were mightier than in Life.

Many are the tales concerning the Hero Cuchulainn, though many are untrue. Certainly, it is well known that he was at first called Sedanta, but, since, as a boy, he had slain that giant hound that guarded the lands of Culan (with his bare hands, even, and then offering to take its place), he was thereafter called the Hound or Culan’s Hound or Cuchulainn (though, in familiarity, he was also called Cucuc).
And still, when he was but a youth, did he hear from Cathbhadh the druid that any mortal that took arms on a certain day would be a Hero and renowned forever but fated to be short-lived. And, on such a day, Cuchulainn had broken fifteen sets of weapons in their trying till he received those of the king himself, before departing to join his life as a Hero.

But, alas, the words of the Druid were truth. For, though he drove back the Connachtmen and was proclaimed Champion by Cu Roi the Sorceror God, and though he received the Secret Signs of Ogham, yet, to his grief, he unknowingly killed his own son. And so, at last, on the feast of Samhain, at the start of Winter, did all his enemies bring Cuchulainn to his doom. By force of arms and magic, he was grievously wounded. Then did he tie himself to a pillar so that he might die upright as befits a warrior and a Hero. In his final moments, the Morrighan and her three sisters appeared as the Badhbh Chatha, the Battle Ravens, and landed on his shoulders and thus, in bitterness was Cuchulainn sent from the Land of the Living.

After his departure, the Hero became as a shade and wandered long on the borders of the Afterworld, for he was unwilling to leave the world of Men, still with all its troubles. So, knowing much of the Lore and History of Cycles, he set upon a last Quest.
And the Quest of Cuchulainn was this – to bring together the fragments of the Seal of Calum and to re-unite them, for the lightening of the burdens of the world and his own lasting glory. So he took himself to Mound of the Sidhe, and standing before the Altar of the Seal, he gazed upon the gateway to Tir Na Nog…

Notes taken from the Sealltuinn, which means Observations, being the diary of Edar Mac Eochaid, a Bard of the Sidhe.
The life of a bard is far from an easy one, as I know to my eternal discomfort, but harsh were the fortunes Of Ruad, the Red Bard, who wrote part of the Leabhar Glaodhach and published the shame of the Sidhe. Driven from the Land, it is said he returned to dwell in the Plain of Lies, and became a Iore-master of hidden paths and secret doors.

a drunken Clurican (the lesser known cousin of the Leprechaun), riding a bucking goat through a field, while holding a glass of ale in one hand and a glass of wine in another.

The Badbha or Battle Ravens of Badhelm are the bane of King Dhomnuil and all who dwell in the Castle of the Sidhe. Perhaps the Badbha are correct in their claims that Dhomnuil stole Badrig’s Feather, shortly after it was removed from the dying warlord and cast in iron…

Bodachs appear as a sort of evil supernatural soldiers

It is my opinion, for what its worth, that, if the 4 Talismans were spirited from the Land, the Sidhe Lords would feel nothing but relief, since we are forbidden to ever use their Power so they remain mute symbols of the Failure of the Sidhe.

Battle Ravens
The Fachen (also known as Fachan or Fachin or Peg Leg Jack 1) is a creature with only half a body in Scottish and Scots-Irish folklore. Supposedly its appearance, which includes a mane of black feathers tufted at the top and a very wide mouth, is so frightening that it induces heart attacks. It can destroy an orchard with a chain in its strong, singular, withered arm, in a single night

I hear many stories from our folk who live in the central lands, but none are more intriguing than the tales of the Suil Labhairt, the Speaking Eye, which dwells in Cnoc Suil, and is said to give good advice in return for gifts – I have personally never encountered any Oracle whose advice was in the slightest bit

Dullahan is a type of animated armor, always without a helmet
(Oracle of the Sidhe)

Pech village (lo Liath Village)
Pech is used as a pejorative term for the halfling-like race in the 1988 film Willow by George Lucas. It might be assumed the idea comes from this myth (although it could also be the word “peck”, which like “hobbit” is a small unit of measure).

The Fomoiri were a divine(ish) race of beings who were said to inhabit Ireland way back in the day. Though often described as demonic giants akin to the Titans – either one-eyed, one-armed, and one-legged, or sporting the heads of goats and horses – they have sometimes been portrayed as exceedingly beautiful. Over time the term “Fomorian” came to be synonymous with “pirate,” because they were said to have come to Ireland by ship. They are often linked to the forces of chaos and nature, in direct opposition to the Irish gods of human civilization, the Tuatha Dé Danann.

According to the myths, the Fomoiri fended off early human invasions by inflicting enemies with plague, enslaving any survivors and demanding a harsh tribute of two thirds of their victims’ children, crops, and cattle. Those who dared resist had their noses cut off. Eventually the Tuatha Dé Danann arrived and took control of Ireland, only to name a half-Fomorian, Bres the Beautiful, as their ruler. Bres, in true Fomorian form, enslaved the people once again, and when he was (inevitably) ousted, he raised an army to take back the throne. This time, however, the Tuatha Dé Danann emerged victorious, and drove the Fomorians into the sea.

Puca village
the form of a very tall humanoid white he t.

The great Henges and Standing Stones in Tir Clachan cast mysterious shadows on the history of the Sidhe though they must be home for much that is strange and magical – I would shrink from passing them without all the Words of Power that our Druids could offer.

Dark shades
Zombie guardians
Bloody-Bones is usually said to live near ponds, but according to Ruth Tongue in Somerset Folklore, "lived in a dark cupboard, usually under the stairs. If you were heroic enough to peep through a crack you would get a glimpse of the dreadful, crouching creature, with blood running down his face, seated waiting on a pile of raw bones that had belonged to children who told lies or said bad words.” 4

I was today given a piece of the carapace from a Tuath da Nathair, one of the Children of Nathair the Fire Serpent – it is said to possess great power but I dislike its fiery touch.

underground lava maze

Stonefang , Redbane and rockbelly

Fire Drakes
Red Dragon

Far beneath the black peak of Dubh Sgorr, lie the catacombs called An Lin, the Net. I know little of this dire region except that the Net was wrought to protect the Heart of Dubh Sgorr…

Tir Dubh Sgorr – Black Dragon

The deserted village in the Northern foothills was once inhabited by Sidhe so arrogant that they termed themselves the Glica na Bhard, meaning Wiser than the Bards! Their paintings and poetry were quite incomprehensible and, while some obscure works of theirs survived the Great Pestilence, I am glad to say that they themselves did not.

Tir Glica na Bhard (bansidhee)

Put simply, banshees are female spirits associated with death. Most modern depictions draw on the darker takes on the legend, which cast banshees as terrifying fae creatures who take the form of hags or the deformed undead, with claw-like hands, a gaze so full of agony and fury it could not be met with mortal eyes, and a keening wail which could shatter glass and drive a man to madness or death. More traditionally, however, banshees were harbingers, rather than bringers, of death; their cries portended a death, usually violent, which would soon come to pass. Some versions cast the banshees as the ghosts of brutally murdered women, who sought to warn the living with their cries before they met the same fate.

The beautiful, but grim Cern Forest that covers the west of Tir Na Nog is home to a curious branch of our people. I have heard that they clean the forest-floor, or perform any other menial task, for the Great Hunter who dwells in the deep wood, in return for the music played upon his enchanted harp. I have also heard that they know a great secret, which is hidden even from the Hunter.

Fellfire, Chillmist, Starspell, Spirehoof the Corrupted and Falgren Bloodbinder.

The Great Hunter
Dire Oaks

The cat sidhe (pronounced “cat shee”), a fairy cat from Irish and Scottish lore, is said to be a large black cat with a white spot on its breast. A variant on the tale claimed it was a witch who, after transforming into a cat nine times, was trapped forever in feline form. On Samhain, tradition said to leave a saucer of milk out to avoid being cursed by the cat sidhe. It was known to steal souls from the dead before the gods could claim them; as such, various rituals to distract the cat sidhe would be performed during the Feill Fadalach (the “Late Wake”) until the funeral. These included games, riddles, catnip offerings, and music. No fires were allowed in the room with the body, as the cat sidhe would be attracted to the warmth.

That dreary bane of our Land, Olcweed, is spreading daily and causing much inconvenience to the poor traveller – and even poorer Bard! When I was young, Engos, my tutor, told of a wondrous neckband or Torc that, when carried by a person of honour; would allow him to evade the greatest dangers. Alas, it was broken and lost, and though I searched all morning, I never found it. I have noticed of late that a particularly noxious breed of cave-wight seems to have crept unnoticed into the Land. Of course, it is easy enough to ward them off, but anyone who has been trapped by one of these wights knows how irritating they are to decent folk…

Bones of Engos


Colin Hardbottle Knotwise
Rollin Brambleburr
Brid Boggy-Hillocks
Elios Bracegirdle
Elder Drogor Bleecker-Overhill


Tir Sidhe Master Maker Eöl Táralóm

Machine Golems were created by Judah, a Challenger from long ago. His first Machine Golem Valvov gained a life of his own and escaped to the forest of Cern.

Blade Behemoth
The Gentleman – Spectral Hobbits – Sam – Frodo – Merry – Pippin
Tir Banshee King
Tir Banshee King
Tir Brood Mother
Tir Dullahan
Tir Fire Skeletons
Tir Drake
Tir Greater Drake
Tir Banshee
Tir Black Unseelie Dragon
Tir Red Unseelie Dragon

Cait Sidhe grove riddle:

Who among heroes is so sharp and so skilled in mind
that he may declare who presses me on my journey,
when I rise up, mighty, sometimes savage,
full of force, I resound, at times I press on,
5 travel throughout the land, I burn the people’s hall,
plunder the palace? The reek rises,
grey to the roofs. There is a clamour on the earth,
the slaughter-death of men, when I shake the forest,
the quick-growing groves, topple trees,
10 sheltered by the sea, pressed into wandering
by the powers on high, sent afar;
I have on my back that which earlier covered each rank
of the earth-dwellers, flesh and spirit,
swimming together. Say what covers me,
15 or how I am called, who bear that burden.
(A Storm)

Crystal city of Ériu


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