JCD - Inferno - Stroum, Jeremy

Former captain of the JCD. Deceased.


Inferno is a man of two faces, like most super heroes. His only garb is generally the modified gelsuit crafted by Mastermind. This gelsuit responds to mental stimuli to alter its own appearance and is further modified to be capable of resisting, or at least recovering from, Inferno’s tendency to spontaneously burst into flame hotter than magma. His once charred and flaky countenance has been rejuvenated to reveal a handsome young man of eighteen years. Where there was previously only a charred scalp a shoulder length mane of flame red hair has emerged. Inferno doesn’t bother much with hair care and just keeps it pulled back in a tail so it won’t get in his way. Inferno’s eyes have taken a strange turn as his connection with the plane of fire gets stronger and stronger. His iris’s have turned a mixture of orange, yellow, and red and seem to change to suit his mood. When amused or just having a good time they seem to dance and flicker like a comforting flame in winter. When angry they become like the inferno from which he takes his name sake.

When Inferno wears his other face, it’s difficult to make out details on someone that’s a blazing form of fire and heat. The picture pretty much says it all.


Themesong: Indestructible by Disturbed http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uSF2i0rU_Q8

Inferno doesn’t talk much about his past, he’s not very proud of it. Inferno was born Jeremy Stroum, and has been unhappy ever since. His father was a drunk, and his father was a drunk, and his father was a drunk, and by the time Jeremy was 17, he was a drunk too. Jeremy’s mother abused a variety of drugs and left him and his father by the time he was nine. Jeremy never really lost touch with his mother, because she was sleeping with just about every one of his friend’s fathers at one point or another.

Jeremy spent his early years dreaming of a better life, he wanted to be a policeman, or maybe a fireman. Years of abuse from an alcoholic father drove any hope of a better life out of him quite shortly. By the time Jeremy was 16 he had gone from straight A student in middle school to high school drop out. No sense in fighting it, his life sucked and it always would. He left home and started life on the streets. Four years of surviving by lying, cheating, and stealing later he found himself sleeping off a bottle of bad booze in an abandoned room in Vista View Apartments. Well, one extra-dimensional fire critter and clothes soaked in cheap booze later and Jeremy found himself consumed in a fire. By the time he was awake, he couldn’t even breathe in the heated air to scream in pain. All he could do is try to crawl for the door before he blacked out and exhaled what he figured was his last breath.

One day later a charred and blackened figure stumbled from the wreckage of Vista View, it looked more like a walking cinder than a man. It stumbled through the streets, confused and in tremendous pain. As people fled from it, it finally caught of a glimpse of its own reflection in a store window. Jeremy screamed in pain and rage as his form caught ablaze and he flung a ball of fire at the store window, consuming the store front instantly in a flash of fire. People screamed, police and firemen arrived, but Jeremy was long gone, hiding in the underground tunnels beneath Seattle he had learned so well in his years of homeless life.

For a month Jeremy was in hiding trying to learn to control his power. He was faced with a decision, be a monster or try to do something right for once. It was time to try and make something of himself.

In the months since Inferno joined the JCD he has taken to being a mixture of leader and class clown at the same time. Recently elected captain of the dysfunctional band, he has started attending anger management classes to reign in the simmering anger within him. He has learned a great deal about the value of life, and has been devoting himself to finding ways to use his power other than destroying things. He has become a welcome site to policemen, firemen, and civilians alike due to his unwavering dedication to standing for everything right about the parahuman defender. One consequence of this is a growing sense of self worth and esteem in Inferno. As he grows to like who he is more and more his powers burn him less and less, allowing the scars of his first rebirth to finally heal. Inferno is still a little uneasy about this turn of events. While most consider him a handsome fellow these days, he is far to used to being a hideously scarred outcast to realize he is attractive.

Inferno gave his life at the battle of All Worlds, striking the final, decisive blow against a galactic threat, the Chaldathan Armada. Without his sacrifice, thousands of worlds would have remained in servitude, least among them Earth. His legacy will be remembered on worlds he’s never known, and in realities he’d never travelled to, seen, or even heard about. The legend of Inferno is as undying as the sun.

JCD - Inferno - Stroum, Jeremy

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