Blackstone, Iron

Field Leader of the Blackstone Family


The field leader of the Blackstone Team, Iron Blackstone has no physical powers — merely one of the most amazing minds in the world. Highly intelligent, his IQ reached above 200 by the age of 12. His steel-gray eyes, which glow when he is angry, prove that his phenomenal intelligence is due to a meta-gene rather than a natural intelligence.

He proved his worth as part of the family’s Team by designing potent power armor. Though he keeps the most impressive upgrades for his own armor, all members of the team who are unable to transform into a protective form now have impressive power armor.

When he’s leading the team, he is all business. He feels tremendous loyalty to his entire family, even Flint and Diamond, as much as he doesn’t get along with them. Still, he has the respect of his entire team, and many people consider him second only to Gold throughout the entire family. Still, with his exceptional intelligence, he has deduced that there is more to the family’s goals than is let on, and he has even correctly deduced what that might be… but he has never been officially let in on the secret which Gold holds so close to his chest.

When he is not in the field, he is a wealthy playboy, fond of fast cars, gambling, and attractive women. Still, his loyalty is to his family above all else.

Blackstone, Iron

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