Blackstone, Jade

Assasin Courtesan of the Blackstone Family


Jade Blackstone is the second-most tenured member of the Blackstone Team. With her powerful psychic abilities, Jade can manipulate the memories and emotions of her enemies with ease. She feels no guilt for making people believe that they are married to and in love with her, or to believe their closest friend has betrayed them. Though her powers only last as long as she concentrates, it’s typically long enough for her to accomplish her task… often leaving ruined lives in her wake.

She feels no remorse for her emotional manipulations, and she is known to do so even when not in the line of duty. Still, she feels incredible loyalty to her family, and genuinely cares for most of her teammates. Those who are her family have her love and compassion. Those who are not are either obstacles or toys.

Blackstone, Jade

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