Blackstone, Lead (Deceased)

Fallen Patriarch


For centuries, the goal of alchemy has been to be to transmute lead into gold. Lead is the most noble of metals, alchemists claim, for it has given up even its value for the greater good. So, too, does the Blackstone family secretly work to transmute their own Lead into a form more like their own Gold.

The man now known by a few in the Blackstone family as “Lead” was, 1000 years ago, a petty noble with grand ambitions. He had his eye on control of the entire known world (mostly just Europe, along with some parts of Africa and Asia). His schemes brought him afoul with the metahumans of the day, and they thwarted his attempts on several occasions.

However, when he managed to have one of his magic-using rivals of the day arrested for “witchcraft,” and had her sentenced to death, he came to her execution. There, she burned out all of her powers, pouring her life energy into a single curse… that he could never die until he had acheived his heart’s desire. He welcomed the curse, laughing.

The true cruelty of the curse did not come to light for some time… until he noticed that he was aging. Like Tithonus from Greek mythology, Lead had immortality — but he lacked agelessness.

Lead is now 1000 years old, and appears that age. Breathing is difficult; moving often leads to broken bones; speaking is excrutiating. He holds onto the hope that his family will soon possess enough political power in Europe to break the curse and allow him to die.



Blackstone, Lead (Deceased)

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