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Leader and Backer of the JCD


Before the Gelsuit was gifted to him by Mercy Force, Mastermind wore riot gear armor that he had modified himself to allow for greater freedom of movement and flexibility, and a full face helmet with HUD and uplink to the Mastermainframe in his offices. After receiving the Gelsuit, he has since incorporated it into his costume, losing the riot gear look in favor of a white leather and longcoat look for flashy missions, and understated dark gray for stealth missions.

Musical Selections:

Walk-in Music
Plays when Mastermind is introduced to the series.

Fight Music
Plays when Mastermind is kicking the snot out of criminals.

Suit Up Music
Plays when Mastermind is donning his armor and weaponry.

Patrol Music
Plays when Mastermind is out on the streets, searching.

Mastermind in the Lab
Plays when Mastermind is doing SCIENCE.

Hippolyta’s Music
What Mastermind thinks Hippolyta thinks of him.

Mastermind goes rogue
What happens when Mastermind stops caring about morality.

Video selections:

An Example of what Mind 15 really means

The amnesia aspects of the plot don’t really apply, but this is a pretty accurate depiction of how Mastermind made his fortune and lives his life. Tenbrooke Technologies began as a ‘privately funded think tank’.


Martin Tenbrooke is a brilliant young adult, but a young man surrounded by pain and mystery. His abilities developed at a very young age, his intellect growing at an exponential rate when he turned eight. By age nine, his IQ had reached that of a college professor. By age eleven, he had learned enough from public learning databases and low security archives to earn doctorate level discipline in three fields, attending several colleges through correspondence courses under false identities. By twelve, he had begun to lay the groundwork through various holding companies to create the institution that would become Tenbrooke Technologies. These were his formative years; most teenagers go through a phase wherein they believe they know everything, one they eventually grow out of, but actually being as intelligent as Martin is has led to a massive ego that is almost justified.

At age thirteen, Martin had happened upon plans that his father, Franklin Tenbrooke, had brought home from work. Franklin, an aerospace engineer for Bering, was leading a design team for the next major project, one that would keep Bering on top in the world of aerospace innovation. Martin, with his superhuman intellect, saw a way in which the airfoil design of the wing could improve the engine efficiency by a not inconsiderable amount. Certain that he could help his father, and secretly hoping that when the greatness of the design was praised that he could finally reveal his gifts, he made the changes to the blueprint. Three weeks later, when the first prototype had been assembled and the first test flight was to commence, Martin was allowed to visit his father at work and observe what would be his first real contribution to science and the world as a whole.

It was a disaster.

Martin’s calculations were impeccable. Perfect. The engine’s efficiency had increased 19%, with a corresponding increase the the speed and, tragically, the acceleration of the craft. The engine was a marvel of engineering, but the wings had been designed with the original engine specs in mind, and could not withstand the added stresses. They tore free of the plane, and the test pilots were both killed in the crash. The emotional stress had a profound effect on Martin; though he was at that time one of the smartest people in the world, he was still only a very young teenager emotionally.

And it only got worse for him that evening.

His father, Franklin, had found the alterations to his engine design. While he may might not be a superhuman intellect, Franklin was a rocket scientist, and was more than intelligent enough to deduce what had happened. He confronted his son, and insisted that he be tested for parahuman abilities, citing that the calculations necessary to make such a design change would have taken a normal intellect weeks, with the help of supercomputers. Martin had made the necessary calculations in his head in what had to have been less than an hour. Martin was terrified of his father’s calm accusations, but agreed to the tests. All the while the back of his mind worked furiously, as it always did, for this eventuality, extrapolating the most likely tests along with several ways to falsify the results in his favor, even preparing his emancipation case. Within moments of his father’s accusation and proposed insistence, within seconds of seeing the fear flicker in his father’s eyes, he had replanned out his next two years.

This still terrifies him. Martin is trapped in his own glittering fractal lattice of a perfect mind, always planning the best course of action, even in his most panicked moments. He can never escape his superiority.

His emancipation was carried out without contest by his father just a few months later. Martin thinks that Franklin is glad to be rid of him; a mind that he was not prepared to raise alone. Martin never knew his mother, and does not miss what he never knew. After he became emancipated, he threw himself into consolidating the holding corporations under his own name as what is now Tenbrooke Technologies, first making his fortune in the stock market and consulting think tank projects, and recently moving into metamaterials and medical technology advances.

He became Mastermind partly out of a desire to make good his karmic debt, but mostly because he felt a responsibility to make use of every aspect of his abilities for the betterment of humanity. Though he has extensively tested his physical capabilities and determined they are not superhuman, he is still among the top 3% of humanity. Seattle is his home, after all, and he will see it reach it’s full potential.

Martin Tembrooke is dead – or so the JCD thinks. They saw him die… explosively decompressed by the Chaldathans as he saved the Terra system from a brutal invasion and enslavement at their hands. However, one version of him remains.

Many years the young Martin’s senior, this version, old and grizzled from many years of time-debt in the dead world of Ur, no one is quite sure what the embittered version of Mastermind could be up to. Tembrooke Technologies has changed hands, however, and it’s new, old owner likely still has plans for Seattle, and the JCD.

BASTION - Mastermind - Martin Tenbrooke

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