JCD - Milo Farley

A grad student working on his thesis in Dimensionology gets drawn into a web of adventure


Esicbue Liesttua aque, nonxoquodi, aeco, tare.

Milo’s most famous spell – a heavily-modified transdimensional pinhole gateway that summons a concentrated beam of pure magical energy: an eldritch blast

Tuaesibis oi, quosmidem, tahoc, grauisitcum epostndum.

A variation on his main spell, this one ensorcells the target in binding magical chains, holding them in place

Sutimanim cumnufi, samorse, iussioho, equodens, infedei, rorit, erasque.

A restorative ritual, this draws magical energy from the positive material plane and heals wounds

In addition, Milo has mastered several simpler incantations and has no need of his spellbook to create minor effects such as light, localized weather effects (no more than a minor fog, chill breeze or distant thunder), as well as flight, minor telekinesis and creating – briefly – common items.

Entrance Music


Born in Sacramento, California, Milo Farley was a child prodigy who graduated high school at 15. Regular college didn’t interest him, though, and so he took his MAAT (Magical Aptitude Assessment Test) and scored quite high. Gatekeepers – Mr. Mystic personally invited Milo to attend school at Elemental Technical Institute, where Milo graduated salutatorian in his class and went on to do his Master’s thesis under the direct tutelage of Mr. Mystic’s friend, noted occultist and gatekeeping expert William Lexington.

This led Milo to Seattle, where he helped rescue civilians from an apartment fire and in doing so met up with Millie, Nathan, Mastermind and Dreadnought. Absent any real direction from the distant and somewhat obsequious Lexington, Milo fell in with the JCD – Jet City Defenders though he maintains an aloof persona and isn’t sure about being a team player.

JCD - Milo Farley

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