Brenner, Molly

Mother of Asa Brenner, Pediatrics Nurse, and all around nice lady.


Name: Molly Brenner
Maiden Name: Molly Marble
Age: 38

Classification: Citizen
Superpowers: Mom Voice, Eyes in Back of Head, and Parental Death Stare
Threat: Dependent on Classification
Group Dynamic: On Call Nurse


Loving and overworked mother, Molly, had just gotten through a difficult and painful divorce with her now ex-husband, Michael Brenner, when Asa took his own life. She takes every day one at a time trying to keep her job intact, her home clean, the food cooked, and her son well provided for. Even as she learns new things about what is going on in her son’s life, she continues on without too much fight against the chaos swooping in around her. Thankfully, the event that started this intrusion into her life is still a mystery to her, but there is no way of knowing how long that will last.

While the young team of superheroes were trying to piece together the mystery of Sam’s powers and the ring that went with them, Molly went about things mostly ignorant to the battles her son and his new patron were going through. In a play for the ring, Blackwater invades Molly’s home, kidnaps her, and holds her ransom. After being rescued from the situation she has more understanding of the danger she and her son are in, but instead of freaking out about it, she uses the opportunity to do the things she had already planned on doing, but now with more reason, while adding a couple others in order to assist where she could.

Brenner, Molly

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