Blackstone, Opal

The Super-Fast Comet of the Blackstone Family


Opal Blackstone is one of the younger members of the Blackstone Team. A superspeedster with the powers of flight and energy blasts, he is a hedonist who, when off the case, enjoys the club scene, and isn’t completely satisfied unless he’s taken at least one attractive partner of either gender home with him. He doesn’t like the parts of his work which involve hurting other people, but he does them if he must… for the good of the family. Despite his selfish tendencies, he truly does care about the family, even more than himself.

He is a recent addition to the Blackstone ‘alpha team’, and previously lead his own team, called Alchemy, before they were decimated by the Jet City Defenders on Amazon Island. He holds a grudge against the JCD.

Blackstone, Opal

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