S.P.E.C.T.R.U.M. - Tristan "Quick Sliver"

fully human again


Inspiration for Tristan’s goal

Age: 18
Sex: Male
Born: 10/27/1996
Favorite Drink: was coffee

Digital form: this form looks a lot like he did before the “accident”. Short hair lightly tan skin with blue eyes. Tech covers his upper body all the way to his hands. He has cargo pants and combat boots. In the center of his chest there is a symbol of a wrench.

Robot body: It is a 6’ 9" tall robot. From top to bottom it is slim and angular as if it was built to go fast, which it is. The insides are mainly not hollow, but there are compartments to store items. The robot is more durable than normal machines. Also it seams to blur by most people. There is a LASER CANNON. Like his digital form there is a symbol of a wrench in the center of the chest.


Early years:

Tristan was born into a well off family. Not super rich, but still well off. Even at early the age of 1, his parents could tell that Tristan was going to a genius, understanding and solving puzzles that he shouldn’t be able to understand at his age. As the first years of life went buy, everything went smoothly, Tristan’s intellect growing at a seeming accelerated rate and his parents doing great in there respected fields. His mother Ann was a respected as business continuity analyst. His father Lucas was a systems software engineer. Then at age six, the first accident happened. During a car ride back from a baseball game, their car was hit buy a drunk driver on I-5. Tristan survived, but barely, he had lost 60% usage of his legs. His parents did not survive, they were killed on impact. Since he was so young and there were no immediate family that came forward to clam Tristan, his parents estate was sold off. Tristan was shuffled off between many foster families but, since he could never really connect to them he would not stay. He also seemed to gain horrible nightmares and a phobia for blood.

Later years:

Between the nightmares and the shuffling between foster families, Tristan became very recluse and focused the majority of his time on trying to fix his legs. His legs were always a source of laughter for the other kids and Tristan refused to let them hold him back. It wasn’t till years later when he saw Slipstream in action, that he thought of creating a suit that enhanced his speed.


It wasn’t till his 18th Birthday that he was able to access the money that was left to him. With some funding for his suit, he spent most of it quickly on the components and build of the suit. On the eve of his first test run, as he was walking the area that he would be back later in the suit, he had the misfortune of the one to see Asa jump. At first he was heavily sick, as there was blood everywhere but then something amazing happened. There was a flash of golden light and Asa had reformed! At the insistent of Tristan, they went to the hospital and the rest you know.

The “accident”:

After some time had gone by, the team had gone to a mostly abandoned mansion to look for some clues about some Tong. When they arrived, they discovered that a group of super villains were using it as a staging area of sorts. A fight quickly broke out, Quick Sliver was quickly targeted by a shape shifting that could turn into a pool of blood. The pool triggered his phobia and the blood took over Quick Sliver’s body. When this happened, Domino tried to force the villain out by nocking him out and Domino succeeded, unfortunately when the villain tried to leave, there was not enough room inside of the suit and the bodies exploded killing both hero and villain. Luckily Tristan had a fail safe built in. As soon as Tristan died, his whole person into his suit.

S.P.E.C.T.R.U.M. - Tristan "Quick Sliver"

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