JCD - Rifter - Black, Aleister

An untrustworthy rogue and general bastard


Aleister’s father was one of the Enchanting teachers at Elemental Tech and his mother was a powerful Blood Mage before her untimely death so it surprised no one, least of all Aleister, when he developed powerful magical and parahuman abilities. His father took a sabbatical and moved to Seattle to study some of the unusual ley line activity that had been reported in the region. This allowed Aleister to participate in a new advanced educational program established by Mastermind – Martin Tenbrooke which turned out to be a recruitment center for the Jet City Disciples, a junior branch of the Jet City Defenders. Aleister quickly made the cut, demenstrating a highly advanced skill in knife fighting and enchanting as well as the fantastic ability to create magical rifts capable of teleporting himself, groups of people, or objects up to thousands of kilometers away. Upon joining the Jet City Disciples he took up the name Rifter.

Rifter traveled with the Disciples for a short time before becoming separated from them on a world called Gaia. It was there, under the tutelage of the moogles, that he truely mastered enchanting.

JCD - Rifter - Black, Aleister

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