JCD - Siren "Serena"

A member of an alien species that was enslaved by the kahadon


She skims about 2-3 ft off the ground all time, her tail constantly moves, it’s as if she is swimming through the air. Scales dot her upper torso, in dark greens and blues. Flared fins line her arms and the space between her claw tipped fingers is webbed. He headpiece and belt seem like a cross between indian and egyptian. He tail is quite long about 2-3 times the size of her torso, most of the time she keeps it wrapped closely behind her and her very large tail fin closed. When overly curious, shocked or angry it opens and flaps the air reflexively.

Periodic table of superheroes origin and powers…
Her formula…


Captured by the Kahadon as a young adolescent, along with her family she was forced into slavery. Because she was a young adolescent she was separated from them and “trained” through torture to serve, rather than mine. The Kahadon call her race the Slovo Tass, which roughly translates into english as “barracuda”. During the commotion of the Jet City Defender’s escape, she was able to sneak out of her bonds, and hide away on the ship. She made her way to data bank and pulled basic location information of earth, (which ended up being wrong) and stole an old scout ship. She navigated her way across the stars, get lost several times until she crashed on earth. The scout ship she had stolen, broke apart on entry into earth’s atmosphere, the pieces burned up. She waited until the last second hid herself in one of two shipping containers on board and road it to earth.

On her home world…

The gravity is so dense, most young don’t move on there own for quite some time and many die from the pressure. (You have to have superstrength 1 to stand and walk slowly, superstrength 2 allows for the “normal” movement like humans on earth, jumping, running etc.) The planet is also filled with Noxious gas, and the oceans are acidic.


It is cast system, with the color of the tail denoting the job and function of the individual.
~Red – Law makers, police and elite forces. They are the protectors and patrollers. This color is the most common to have purple highlights, those that don’t report directly to them.
~Yellow – The “fishers” and hunters.
~Light Green – The farmers.
~Dark Green – The mystics, the holy ones.
~Light Blue – The gatherers.
~Bright Blue – The crafters and builders.
~Dark Blue – The warriors, the defenders, these make up the many body of the “military might”
~Brown – Do all the “unclean” things.
~Any color tail, but has purple highlights (except brown – which are immediately put to death), – Royalty. They do the jobs of the predominate color, however they own land, and sit on the high counsel.
~Mixes – are rare and those typically have a chose in their profession and life. To have a mix as a young is a high honor and makes you more desirable to mate with.


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Serena has left the JCD in the aftermath of the Chaldathan Armada’s stunning defeat. He hoped to return to her home planet, help with the liberation of her family and people from the Chaldathans and reclaim her noble birthright among the stars. Still, she thinks of her time among the JCD fondly, owes them a great debt, and may return one day should they need her help.

JCD - Siren "Serena"

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