Paragon - Sin Claire - Pollack, Claire

Former leader of the Fear Factory mercs now working for Paragon


Formerly a member of the Leather Hellions biker gang, Claire Pollack cut her teeth robbing along the highways and byways of the US with an all-female biker gang. When the gang was eventually annexed by another larger one, Claire struck out on her own as Sin Claire, gathering together a new, all parahuman gang of mercenaries, cuthroats and nutjobs. So far that hasn’t gone very well for her, as most criminal Parahumans she’s known have turned out, to be a little unhinged. Still, Mafia – Fear Factory is her gang, her way, and the way she sees it, anybody that doesn’t like it can suck a bag of dicks.*

*Especially that Sir Edmond Sinclair III (Retired) guy.

Paragon - Sin Claire - Pollack, Claire

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