BASTION - Soul Shadow - Nathan Geo


Nathan Geo / Soul Shadow

Stats: 36 points
Body: 3
Mind: 6
Soul: 9

Defects: -8 points
Not So Tough (-20 HP) 2
Detectable (Dark Portal: Sight, sound, thermal, spiritual) 2
Recurring Nightmares 2
Meta-humanism 2

Attributes: 97 points + 60 CP
Pocket Dimension (Living Space) / lvl: 4 / Area: 100M (4/lvl 16 points)
Pocket Dimension (Pocket Space) / lvl: 5 / Area: 1Km (4/lvl 20 points)
Pocket Dimension (Dark Space) / lvl: 2 / Area: 1M, Duration: 1 week, Range: 100M, Targets: 1 Person (4/lvl+11 19 points)

Special Attack (Dark Portal) / lvl: 7 ( 8 Abilities, 7 Disabilities, 120 Damage / 12 Stat Drain) (4/lvl 28 points)
Abilities: Burning (Hourly) (1), Drain Body (1), Drain Mind (1), Drain Soul (1), Vampiric (4)
Disabilities: No Damage (1), Short Range (1), Static (2), Unique Disability (Addicting) (2), Uses Energy (1)

Sixth Sense / lvl: 2 / Space, distance (1/lvl 2 points)
Attack Combat Mastery / lvl: 4 (3/lvl 12 points)

Special Defense / lvl: 6 / Melee Attacks x2, Projectile Attacks x2, Ballistic Attacks x2 (10CP/lvl 60CP)

Stats:36 + Attributes:97 – Defects:8 = 125 Points

Skills: 40 Skill Points
Architecture (Small Buildings) / lvl: 3 (2/lvl 6 points)
Artisan (Carpentry) / lvl:3 (2/lvl 6 points)
Physical Sciences (Engineering) / lvl: 4 (5/lvl 20 points)
Gun Combat (Pistol) / lvl: 1 (8/lvl 8 points)


Soulshadow is a founding member of the Jet City Defenders.

Armor: Monolith Gelsuit

Omen – The Prodigy.

Super Hero Formula: XEaAbSnTc

Nathan Geo was always a loser growing up. His father was an unemployed construction worker and his mother was an abusive drunk. At school he was an outcast even among the outcasts. He rarely ever put any real effort into passing his classes and was always graded far below what his teachers all knew he was capable of. The only exception to this was in shop class where he always seemed to have a natural talent.

When Nathan turned 16 his mother gave him a black eye and all the inspiration he needed to get himself emancipated. He filled out all the paperwork, forged his parent’s signatures, and was finally approved. His plan was simple. He’d go to school, then go home, grab his things, and leave without ever having to turn back. Unfortunately things never quite go that easily. On his way home from school he was intercepted by Greg Groats, one of the bullies from school with an almost psychotic hatred of Nathan. He gave Nathan a savage beating savoring every blow and cry of pain from Nathan. As he was beginning to lose consciousness Nathan saw Greg pull out a knife and he knew wasn’t going to make it out of that alleyway. Just then Nathan felt a swelling of hate and anger toward him and watched in horror as it manifested as a swirling black hell portal. The only thing stronger than the shock was how good if felt and how much he wanted to do it again. Without thinking Nathan ran off and disappeared into the streets of SoDo.

BASTION - Soul Shadow - Nathan Geo

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